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Vietro tiles adds ten new shades to its collection.

Vietro Tiles

VIETRO Tiles from the house of Aparna Enterprises announces the launch of ten new shades to its overall tile collection. The tiles will be available in 800X800 and 800X1200 sizes and will be priced at INR 60-65 per square meter, available across India. The color palette rages from Gray, Granito, Choco, Black, Dark Brown and Snow White. The tiles are made from a pure mixture of fine clay and elements like silica, quartz, and feldspar, with the state-of-the-art technology from SCAMI and Keda. These Double Charged tiles are known for their high resistance to scratch, stains and low maintenance demand.

Mr. T Chandra Sekhar, Director Aparna Enterprises, said, “Tile industry in India has been growing many folds owing to the emerging real estate sector in the country. To address the ever-growing market demands, we continue to innovate with offerings in shades as well as designs. The launch of ten new shades is a step towards strengthening our positioning and offers our consumers a wide range of collection to choose from.”

“Indian market for the tile segment is very versatile as the demand varies from region to region. VITERO Tiles aims to target the market demand across categories with its collection. There has been an increasing demand towards double charged vitrified tiles owing to their features like durability and strength and the market for this category alone is expected to see a CAGR growth of 25% in the next four years” adds, Mr. Ashwin Reddy, Managing Director of Aparna Enterprises.

The new collection come with highly polished finish using latest nanotechnology, giving them the perfect blend of style and functionality thereby making it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial consumption

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