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Tulip Infratech celebrates World Environment Day

Tulip Infrastructure celebrates World Environment Day RealtyMyths

To mark the World Environment Day, Tulip Infratech today organized a painting competition for children resident of Tulip Violet, Sector 70 Gurgaon. The theme of the painting competition was ‘Connection with Nature’- protect Air, Water and Earth. The main aim was to remind citizens & young ones about the growing need to sustain and protect the environment.

The painting competition was organized in between three age group categories. Total 65 enthusiastic children age group between 4-6 years, 7-10 years & 11-13 years have exhibited their creative talents. Out of which Naisha Bothra, Adiyaah Hasnain & Tanisha Verma were the winners, Lavishka Jain, Anushka Verma & Jigyasa Vashistha were first runner-up and Sarth Jain, Devyansh Agarwal & Parth Katoch were the second runner-up.

Children creatively used the platform as an entertaining way of addressing the crucial issue of environmental conservation in the day to day functioning.

On organizing such a thoughtful competition, Mr Parveen Jain, CMD, Tulip Infratech Pvt. Ltd. said, “We congratulate all the children for their enthusiastic participation in the competition. The objective of this painting competition to celebrate World Environment Day was to make them environmentally conscious citizens, make them aware of saving water, plant trees and stop air pollution. We really appreciate the spirit of healthy competition among the young ones to make them carry the same instinct all along with their life.”

Another motive was to spread the message through these little ones of Tulip Violet. Painting competition must have been organized for children but through them, their families would also understand the need for the safe environment and hopefully, it would permeate the community.

Applauding the initiative of Tulip Infratech, Tanisha Verma Winner (11-13 Year Catg) & Resident, Tulip Violet, said, “By our paintings, we are trying to send a message about the importance of conservation. By destroying nature, we are destroying our future, because we are dependent on it for everything. Therefore, we should try to save our nature.”

The painting competition culminated with prize distribution. Young Artists were honoured with trophy & prizes for showing their efforts to make Environment Day Painting competition successful.

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