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Top Picks: Potential entrants in Commercial Real Estate


by Pooja Bhatia

Many global brands are looking to invest in India given its favourable business climate, infrastructural growth and smaller and thus, newer markets opening up for investment. The time is opportune. The global brands are looking for space and, they have the space to start a business with high confidence.

More specifically, the commercial real estate space growth is triggered by an expanding Indian economy, growing and diversified consumption pattern, increasing urbanisation and a burgeoning middle class. Besides, the boost in cashless payment and structural changes like GST are only expected to assist in global investment.

Here is a list of top five brands who are keen to invest in India:

  1. Wall Street English is the world’s largest education company and is backed by Pearson. The organisation is planning to make inroads in India. Their business focus is to assist people to learn English for education, travel, pleasure or business purposes.  The unique learning model of Wall Street gives its students an opportunity to learn with a flexible schedule and in a supportive learning environment.
  2. Lush Addiction stores are a part of the trending fashion jewellery wear and we know, it only grows bigger and better. The Indians pouring love for lifestyle accessories including fashion wear especially the Swarovski is only moving ahead. So, we will soon have more of affordable Swarovski jewellery online now.
  3. Melting Pot is a franchised fondue restaurant running operation in the US, Mexico and Canada. It is Florida based. The company is on a major expansion drive with 28 more locations under its development radar. It brings the concept of fondue- the creamy cheeses and chocolates- closer to the Indian doorstep.
  4. Yoghurt Lab the plan is to enter the Indian market and expand to 5-70 outlets in the next five Yoghurt Lab has outlets in the US and is planning to cash on the growing, healthy through the familiar concept of desserts in India.
  5. Evisu is a Japanese designer clothing brand. It specialized in denim wear, producing it by no ordinary means. Evisu Jeans are manufactured using superior, distressed and authentic Japanese denim. It has the trendy wear style up its sleeve, offering tapered, straight-fit and slim fit jeans for men. Now, we know how bespoke denim fashion is a rage in India.There are many luxury retail brands in India, who are keen to set their footprints in India as well. Call it the high-end investment destination or the populist sorts, there is room for everyone to accommodate in the big-wide Indian market.

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