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Top 5 Way to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

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by Saloni Bisht

Gone are the days when dogs/cats were treated as just pets. The pets are the new babies of the house. The term ‘Pet Parent’ is replacing the terms like ‘Pet Owner’ and ‘Master.’ The relationship between pets and humans is taking a healthy turn. These days, pet parents do every possible thing to keep their pets comfortable, happy and healthy. They provide them with luxuries like grooming, spa and massage as well. There are other major changes that a pet parent should make n their houses to create a pet-friendly environment.

Making your home pet-friendly and keeping the décor intact is not a cake walk. But you can do it once you master the behaviour of your pet and do the full proof planning. Here are top 5 way to make your home pet-friendly:

Might want to rethink about buying carpet
Pets and carpets don’t go together. Carpets absorb foul smells and where there are dogs there are odours. Also, the material is prone to stains. If you can do without the rug then aim to buy a washable one. Otherwise, it is suggested to go for tiles instead, which is stain and scratch proof also can be cleaned every now and then.

Pet-friendly furniture is a must
When purchasing furniture like couch, dining table’s chairs, curtain, bed sheets, dodge velvets, silk and tweed. These materials are stains, hair and scratches prone. Also, no matter how much you want your furniture in pastel colours, avoid opting for light colours.

Keep the medicines out of their reach
If you think your medicines are safe wherever they are, then you are underestimating your little fur-ball. Most of the tablets can be poisonous for animals so need to be extra careful. Place your medicines and toxic food items on the top shelves where they cannot reach.

Dustbin without lid is a nightmare
If your dog loves to dig you trash and spreads the garbage all over then this is a saviour tip for you. Always buy tall dustbins with lids that only you can open. You can also hide the bin behind the kitchen cabinet, or under the sink.

Even they need privacy
Yes! You heard it right. Cats and dog search for cosy corners in the house to spend their alone time. Hence they might end up in a dangerous territory. There has to be a corner where your pet can go and devour its private time. The corner should be well-equipped with food, treats, water and chew toys. This way he/she would not feel the need to roam around the house.

These 5 tips will aid you and your pet in living a stress-free safe and comfortable life.

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