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Tips to design a balcony – RealtyMyths

normal balcony in fancy RealtyMyths

by Ankana Mitra,

Making the most out of something is the best way to live your life to the fullest. People generally crib for what they don’t have and this feeling overshadows the things they own. For example, people who live in a building wish for a lawn or garden but overlooks that they have a balcony with a majestic view. In today’s world, a balcony is an ideal place to sit at a distance and observe the surroundings from a top view. A balcony, which is the most intriguing part of the home, can serve many purposes. In case you’re struggling to find ideas that inspire your balcony look, you are in the right place.

Here are some unique ideas to decorate your balcony:

Balcony Garden

No matter what is the size of your balcony, a little bit of greenery can change its entire look balcony because the plants not only give you the fresh air but also softening the jittery style of a space. You can use different sizes and patterns of plants like succulents, snake plants and money plants. The best part is you can use both indoor and outdoor plants by placing them according to the sunlight.

Convert your small space into café-area

If you are too cool for the cliché, then this the tip for you! Convert your balcony into a coffee area by giving is the café vibe. By creating an in-house café your house will become the all-time favourite hangout place.

Hang-up the Hammock [swing]

If you have a wonderful view outside but your balcony has on a weird angle then Hammock will work as an advantage for you. Just hang the swing across the balcony and teleport yourself to the beach while lying care-free.

Adding colours

Adding colours doesn’t mean painting your balcony with bright shades, you can add colours by using vibrant planters/pots and putting colourful furniture like a coffee table, bamboo chairs and bright multi-coloured cushions. Believe it! This simple trick will give your balcony a new look.

Use your wall Space

When it comes to renovating the interiors of our home, the first thing that comes to the mind is that to modify the designs on the walls. Walls grabs most of the attention of people and is the best way to engage the visitor’s eyes. Use the wall to hang paintings or you can even cover the whole wall with plants like money plant or bougainvillaea.

As aforementioned, the size of your balcony doesn’t matter, these simple ideas can give it your personal touch and can convert it into your favourite area of the home.

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