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Smart Cities Mission a great opportunity for JCB India: Matt McClurg

Smart Cities Mission a great opportunity for JCB India: Matt McClurg

JCB Interview
JCB India, one of the pioneers in the heavy machines and earth movers segment, recently unveiled its ‘Made in India’ range of products. A renowned and established name in its category, JCB currently has 5 factories in India with 8 product lines. It manufactures 48 products for India and 65 other countries. The company also showcased might of its three products Telehandlers, Skid Steer Loaders and Super Loaders during a demo show organized after the press conference. It is at this event that we got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Matt McClurg, EVP-Marketing at JCB India.

An expert in designing and developing marketing mix and new marketing techniques for B2B segment, Matt has worked with companies like Land Rover and Fortune Promoseven. In a conversation with Team RealtyMyths, Matt discussed his perspective and scope for JCB India in the Indian market. Below are the excerpts.

The Retail and E-commerce market in India is evolving; government recently opened 100% FDI in E-commerce sector. How do you see this development?

I am amazed by the pace of development in these two sectors in India. It is really fascinating. Not only the online retail (e-commerce) but the offline retail experience is also changing. This is a clear indication that the sector is on a growth path and opens a plethora of opportunities for a company like JCB. We have launched three products in our Made in India range out of which two are aptly suited to the e-commerce and logistics requirements.

The real estate sector, overall, is reviving. With government’s initiatives, FDI and PE flow has increased. Real estate, being one of your prime customers, do you see any movements happening in your order book?

Indeed, real estate is reviving in India. Retail and commercial sectors, in particular, are doing well. Constructions are now happening.  I am sure this will have a positive impact on our order books. Any development of such a magnitude requires machinery which can support in operations and can also cut down overall costs. We are pioneers in earth movers. We are always at priority. This development is a good sign for us.

What role a company like JCB can play in the development of Smart Cities, Modi Government’s ambitious project?

We can and will play one of the important roles in the development of Smart Cities. It is not about constructing a building; we are talking about developing new urban clusters, more advanced and hi-tech. To undertake such development work, one needs heavy machines, earth movers.

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