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Schneider Electric conducts its annual power protection course – RealtyMyths

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  • Combination of lectures and live demonstration on real equipment to enable technical experts to provide digitised, safer, smarter and more reliable protection systems

Committed to ensuring access to energy through training, technical support and investment, Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation are conducting a two week long, annual, Analysis and Protection of Power Systems (APPS) Course for engineers and technical experts for utilities, OEMs and large industries. In line with the government’s National Training Policy (NTP) that lays emphasis on the need to impart training for all in the power sector, the Course is designed for engineers seeking to enhance their expertise in protection and control automation and application for Transmission and Distribution power systems with a focus on new digitised power systems.

The training involves a mix of theoretical and practical learning sessions which include engagement sessions with leaders from Schneider Electric and also networking with peers from across India. The programme also includes a ‘Bold Ideas’ presentation session from the participants. The trainees this year were also addressed by Mr Bakshi Ram Bhogal, G.G.M. & HOD (Elect.), Engineers India Limited who shared his learnings in the space with the participants.

Talking about the need to access training in the power sector, Mr Bhogal said, “Energy is a key enabler for the country’s economic development. Other than economic growth critical human developmental parameters like poverty reduction, employment generation, etc. are considerably dependent on secure energy supply. Also, the power sector has seen a transformational change with the Government of India’s ‘Power for All’ Initiative with modern day technologies playing a pivotal role. With the growth of digitisation in the power sector, the jobs in the sector are getting highly specialised and there is a learning gap that needs to be addressed urgently.”

Speaking on the training programme, Mr Ponniah Sankarakumar, Director, Marketing & Strategy, Energy Business, Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd, said, “Sharing best practices and empowering our customers with skills to front end the digital change in the energy sector, is core to what we do at Schneider Electric. Technologies are transforming our lives and impacting infrastructure. The future demands smarter and sustainable solutions, and a new generation of talent to deliver them. With this course, we aim to provide lifelike situations on real equipment to engineers and technical experts, to support them in scaling up their learning.”

As per a NASSCOM report, up to 40% of the estimated four million workforces in India need re-skilling to keep pace with automation and changing skill needs in various industries. Newer technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data, analytics etc. provide immense opportunities for career growth thereby creating a need for upskilling the workforce.

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