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Property demand influx with the announcement of smart city – phase 2

Property demand influx with the announcement of smart city - phase 2

This case study is in continuation with the previous analysis where we evaluated the impact of Smart City announcement of first 10 cities. This document carries the other 9 cities which comes under the smart city plan.

The NDA, right after it formed government in the center, proposed its plan to develop housing for all by the year 2022. In this line they realized the need to remodel existing urban clusters and develop new urban areas with advanced features to tackle the population immigration. This need gave birth to the concept of Smart Cities.
Rounds of talks and conferences were held to discuss feasibility of Smart Cities in India. After analyzing all the prospects, the Government of India formally announced Smart City Mission in the month of June 2015. It proposed that altogether 100 cities to be selected to be developed as Smart Cities. It also proposed criteria for selection and invited state governments to come up with list of cities for the same.

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