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Our Cities, Our Responsibilities -Its Time to Act

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Amidst garbage dumps, overflowing drains and mosquitoes and flies all around, if you suddenly come across a well-decorated, beautifully painted wall or a hut or even a public convenience, you are bound to get surprised. Though, as said by a tyre company, “Roads are filled with idiots”, our cities are also filled with many senseless people who happily spread garbage everywhere. However, there are people like Yogesh Saini who, via his organisation Delhi Street Art, tries his best to keep alive these surprising elements.

Delhi Street Art has been beautifying Indian cities since last 4-5 years now. When we asked Yogesh why and how did he feel the need to beautify the city, his reply was simple, “I am trying to motivate people to own public places, thereby decorating them and enjoying a sense of pride by doing so.” Yogesh feels that it is very important to educate the young generation about cleanliness. Today’s generation should own their cities and should set an example for others to follow.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 2nd October 2014, the day when he launched his ambitious Swachh Bharat Mission, hand-picked some of the people’s representatives from various fields and made them the ambassadors of the mission. What he actually meant was an increased people’s participation. Now that the government is about to complete its tenure at the centre, the issue of cleanliness is still one of the biggest social menace.

The time has come that we all join this mission, and people like Yogesh to once again make our cities beautiful. The time has come to become more civilized.

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