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2014-19- Where are the Roads Taking Us?

Narendra Modi's Development Agenda: RealtyMyths

by Anushree Ghosh

Narendra Modi’s Development Agenda – How far it reached

A country’s economic growth is directly proportional to the quality of its infrastructure. And, the present government has surely paced up the process. Narendra Modi’s development plan had road construction as one of the top priorities in its agenda. It is expected that 200 road projects worth around Rs 1.5 lakh crore will get completed by the mid-2019. The integrated development plan has roads, railways, waterways and airport redevelopment and construction.

As per the Hindustan Times report, published on May 19, 2018

“Maharashtra has 52, Uttar Pradesh has 45, Gujarat has 27, Madhya Pradesh has 26, and Rajasthan has 28 ongoing projects.”

A distinctive chart with progression is observed. In 2014, when the Narendra Modi government took charge of the office, highway project worth crores were in a failed state due to lack of funds and clearance issues. Currently, the development agenda of  Narendra Modi includes the construction of 45kms/day, which was 5 times as faster than what the previous government delivered. The total investment allocated on the highway sector has been increased by more than 70,000 crores.

The top infrastructural projects launched under the infrastructure development agenda of Modi are:

Sagarmala Project : Modi government’s 8 lakh crore shipping and ports initiative, which at present is facing various budgetary problems.

Bharatmala project: It is Narendra Modi’s 14,000 crore project to link west and the east border through highway. Now, it is facing various challenges to complete the construction on time.

Arunachal Pradesh on Rail Map:  The bogibeel bridge, India’s longest rail-road bridge on Brahmaputra is expected to open by October.

Setu Bharatram Project: The vision is to make highways safer i.e, without railway crossings. But two years after its launch, it is yet to see commissioning.

Chardham Mahamarg Vikas Pariyojna: This project was initiated to improve the considitions of roads in Uttarakhand. The main objective was to develop 900 kms of highways.

The infrastructure development agenda of Modi included various actions related to the improvement of the aviation sector also. Flying has become easier and affordable. Joint efforts by the policy makers and private sector are being made to increase the capacity. The Airport Authority of India has planned to invest 17, 500 crores to improve the quality of airports in India. Also, plans are being made to simplify the air ticket cancelling rules.

Although there are many ongoing projects but the need is to forms bonds and outsource funding and resources.

According to the Economic Survey – India will require around $4.5 trillion in the next 25 years for infrastructure development, of which it will be able to garner about $3.9 trillion. Therefore, the age old formula of collaboration would best suit India’s requirement and the government must opt for the public-private partnership, after reinstating faith in the private firms.

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