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Narendra Modi, Varanasi and the Asli Mudda of the Election 2019 – RealtyMyths

LokSabhaEelctions2019 - RealtyMyths


Varanasi is the constituency of the 14th and the current Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. He is, once again, all set to file his nomination from Varanasi on April 26th. Prior to his nomination, he is scheduled to hold a mega road show today. Well, the city of Varanasi has indeed experienced many developments. Development of Smart Heritage City, WIFi at all the major Ghats, development of 50 feet wide Kashi Vishwanath Corridor, and the cleaning of Ganga and initiation of inland waterways are some of the major achievements. But, the issue of new job creation and the bad condition of internal roads are some of the major concerns that are yet to be addressed.
While casting their votes, the electorates of Varanasi will definitely think of all the facts and issues. We hope the city will witness massive voters turnout this time.


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