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Market Updates upgrades for a new journey !

Every website envisions creating an overall experience and journey for a visitor. Recently, the product interface and easy availability is driving the population in the digital era. in order to adapt to the newest and the most innovative technology trends, feels highly elated to launch their latest Mobile Site using Google’s Progressive Web App Framework (PWA). 


RM Correspondent

This latest move by Magicbricks is a part of their business strategy to offer their customers the most user friendly experiences.  The Progressive Web Apps are the future of existing mobile apps which provides immense benefits not only to the brands but also the users. PWA enabled Magicbricks’ mobile website will require “No Installations” and hence will prevent the user from exhaustion of their mobile space and data. It will facilitate in creating an application shortcut and which further can be added on the home screen of the mobile. This shortcut will behave like an app and will give the user similar feel like that when using any other app.

The Web App loads in a full screen browser which is as similar as any other application. Magicbricks being the very first realty portal to adapt to this latest Progressive Web App will be the only Real Estate brand who will be able to push notifications to the users like any other native apps.

Mr. Subodh Kumar, Head of Technology, Magicbricks said, “Magicbricks has been leading the online realty space in latest tech innovations. We are constantly enhancing our backend technology to give seamless user friendly experiences. By adapting to Google’s Progressive Web App Framework, we have stepped into a segment which focuses on providing best solutions to our customers at minimal efforts. We are sure that offline usage of the mobile website will ease the property hunting experience of our customers.”

One of the most important benefits of the application is that it enables the users work on it even on offline mode.  The listings and the details once browsed during an online mode can later on be browsed through even when one is not connected to the internet. Not only this, the websites under the PWA framework works 90% faster as compared to the web application which do not come under the PWA framework. The fast loaded pages are sure to lead to an increased result in the traffic of any portal.

Here are some of the insane features:

  • The new tech enhancement is expected to increase traffic by 15% on the portal
  • 90% faster speed for the Progressive Web App (PWA) enabled mobile websites
  • Magicbricks’ Mobile website to behave like any other native app
  • No installation required for the application
  • Saves user’s mobile data and space

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