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LIXIL Goes ZERO – International Fittings Business Accelerates Commitments to Carbon Neutrality

LIXIL Goes ZERO – International Fittings Business Accelerates Commitments to Carbon Neutrality

Plants in China, Vietnam and Mexico join other fittings plants in achieving carbon neutral production

Delhi, India – LIXIL Group Corporation (“LIXIL Group”, TSE Code: 5938), maker of pioneering water and housing products, announced that its fittings plants in Danang (Vietnam), Jiangmen (China) and Monterrey (Mexico) are now carbon neutral. The move means that all eight plants in LIXIL International’s fittings production portfolio are now carbon neutral, after plants in Hemer, Lahr, Porta Westfalica (all Germany), Albergaria (Portugal) and Klaeng (Thailand) achieved carbon neutral production in April 2020.

This initiative contributes to a central goal of LIXIL’s sustainability strategy – to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from housing and lifestyle solutions as well as operations by 2050. LIXIL Environmental Vision 2050 was issued last year in an effort to standardize a comprehensive approach that includes the leveraging of its advanced technologies and expertise to minimize environmental risks in its business and operations, but also in reducing the impact of products and services in the end-user phase; enhancing water sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and in helping the shift to a circular economy.

Since 2016, LIXIL has successfully reduced its carbon footprint by 6.3% globally through its 360-degree sustainability approach across its value-chain and aims to further this commitment by achieving 30% reduction by 2030.

Thomas Fuhr, Leader, Fittings LIXIL International said, “This is a milestone in our journey to significantly contribute to fighting global climate change and conserving environmental resources. As modern lifestyles rely on large amounts of energy and resources, our goal to make better homes for everyone everywhere means that it is important for us to minimize the impacts through our operations and sustainable innovations. We remain committed to our vision and will continue to accelerate our sustainability strategy across markets.”

LIXIL International’s fittings business has invested in research and development in order to produce intelligent, sustainable product solutions, with a strong emphasis on the responsible use of resources throughout the value-chain. As a result, the five plants in Portugal, Klaeng and Germany have been able to reduce their energy efficiency by 29 percent since 2014.

The LIXIL goes ZERO initiative was launched to propel carbon neutral efforts across its production sites, starting with those under the umbrella of the GROHE brand and has been successfully extended to the plants in Monterrey (Mexico), Danang (Vietnam), and Jiangmen (China).

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