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India’s culture, history, and heritage – Save the past for the future

India's culture, history, and heritage - Save the past for the future

‘Mukesh loves Swati’ or ‘Rishabh loves Ranjana’, you must have seen such things written on the walls of Lal Quila or the Qutub Minar or any other historical monument. Well, this is the way we actually preserve our history, by destroying them ourselves. And what if, when the authorities responsible to protect them, join the leave to demolish these historical milestones!

Yes, that’s the harsh reality of modern India! One can go and do whatever one wants at any of the protected monuments across the country by just paying a negligible bribe to the ‘so called’ guards. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is the nodal body that projects these monuments of historical importance. It works with central and state governments and with some NGOs as well. However, its performance in preserving and restoring the history is not that satisfactory.

These facts came into picture when we talked to Ms Neera Mishra, Founder Trustee and Chairperson of Draupadi Trust, an NGO working todards preserving, protecting and restoring historical monuments across India. Listen to her to know how these authorities are actually ruining our tradition and culture in the name of modernisation. She calls all the citizens of India to wake up and raise voices against such menaces. #WakeUpIndia

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