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Doing Business from Home? Convert your Home Space into your Office.

Convert your home into RealtyMyths

by Saloni Bisht

This period is better known as the era of start-ups and entrepreneurship. People are shifting from their 9 to 5 jobs to full-time entrepreneurship or self-employment. The alternate career options like influencers, freelancers, travellers, Youtubers, bloggers and so on are becoming mainstream.  But not everyone has the capital to buy or rent an office, at least in the initial stage of the business. That is why the trend of ‘home office’ is picking up the pace and is accepted by more and more people on a daily basis.

A home office is an area in your house that is your workstation/office, where you do your business related chores. But here’s a thing, not everyone can work in a homely environment. This is mainly due to the psychological frame of the brain, i.e., work can only be done in a proper office environment. If you are one of them, then this blog is for you, as it further talks about the exciting ways to convert your home space onto your office.

Following are the super easy and pocket-friendly tips for creating a productive office in your house:

Be specific about the space

Working depends on mood and dedication. That’s why you should always be particular when selecting the area for the office set up in your house. See where you can concentrate and where the WiFi connection is strong. Always try to set up the desk against the window or balcony, this helps in creativity and idea generation. Also, it will allow ample amount of light to enter on your desk. It can be anywhere, a corner in the living room, bedroom, basement, and the area under the stairway or even in the kitchen.

Paint it wisely

The colour scheme matters a lot. It can either distract you or help you concentrate, that’s why you need to choose them wisely. Avoid warm or bright colours like red-orange or neon shades. White, off-white, cream and pastel colours are ideal for your workplace.

Let motivation be your decoration

Not to forget that it is your home, after all, the place where you are habitual of being lazy and carefree. Hence, you need to create the vibe to work. To keep yourself from distractions, you can hang motivational quotes on the wall. Or in case you’re good with calligraphy, you can write on the wall yourself. This way it’ll be even cheaper. Place your family photo frames and the picture of your inspiration (person or thing).

Don’t forget the Green Factor

Plants are yet again the productivity boosters, which is a must in your for your workstation. They bring in the positive vibe you need to perform the task. Greenery keeps you refreshed and it will be a treat for your eyes as well. You can add indoor plans like money plant, snake plant, cactus, succulents etc. on your desk or within your site.

The fragrance is the key

Choose an appropriate scent for the area. It will distinguish the space from other parts of your house, which is a significant step. As soon as you’ll enter that region your brain will switch to work mode. Remember to keep the scent pleasant.

There’s an added benefit of having an office in the house, as you don’t need to call sick or mail a leave application. You are the boss of your own and can work however you want. By following the aforementioned tips you can be both productive and motivated.

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