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Demand for Smart Lighting Solution in India is growing

Demand for Smart Lighting Solution in India is growing RealtyMyths

The evolution of technology has given an all-new meaning to the term “Smart”. Today, smartness has become more holistic than ever. The parameters of smartness now also include standards like how well you manage the resources around you, how responsible you are towards nature and what you give back to society. And it is, therefore, that the terms smart cities, smart homes, and smart lights have come into consideration more often than not. Lights, being one of the smallest components of a house plays one of the major roles when it comes to saving energy or making the house aesthetically beautiful. In other words, lights are one of the most essential ingredients of a smart home. To know more about whats glowing in the lighting industry these days, Santosh Sinha from RealtyMyths interacted with Mr. Vishal Singh, Founder & Managing Director, Vizion, a leading smart lighting solution company in India. Here are the excerpts of the interaction.

  1. Along with being stylish and scalable, today the lights need to be smarter as well. How important are smart lights when we talk about smart homes?

The demand for smart lighting solutions in India has been rising phenomenally with increasing consumer awareness. Smart lighting is a vital component of home automation, with IoT-enabled, Bluetooth and wireless systems affording occupants greater freedom and flexibility to operate luminaires.
The concurrent progress being made in lighting design and automation has immensely benefited users — allowing them to create numerous ‘moods,’ including daylight simulation, by regulating color and temperature, and with low-glare luminaires boosting wellness and productivity. Smart lighting, therefore, has made lighting controls vastly accessible to the consumer, as against conventional luminaires, which offer limited lighting options while consuming higher amounts of energy.

  1. Energy conservation is another aspect that has gained considerable attention in the recent past. While designing a house, how much importance do you give to natural lighting? What are the other energy-saving means that you suggest to your clients?

Natural lighting is a key design consideration for homes, and designers seek to maximize daylight penetration to aid vision and comfort. At Vizion, our focus remains to provide scalable and bespoke solutions, some of which also draw inspiration from the therapeutic effects of natural light. While we work on crafting solutions that emerge from sensitivity to the world’s evolving needs, we believe that quality and energy-efficiency go hand-in-hand. Clients today are perceptive and aware of the need to exercise energy-saving in their day-to-day activities, and we assist them with lighting solutions that help them cut down energy requirements considerably.

  1. The current market reports suggest that the Indian real estate market is reeling under slowdown. As the Real estate is one of your prime consumer bases, how hard has it been for you? How do you plan to cover the order books?
    Indian markets are reluctant to recognize the value of design-driven lighting products. It remains a challenge for us to explore and create newer prototypes, so we remain steady and move up the ladder step by step. Market trends fluctuate very often, but we believe that following a design, performance and application-driven approach while maintaining cost-competitiveness will help sustain our vision.
  2. What is the new product ranges that you are working on? What is the new market trend in the innovative lighting segment?
    Our latest range includes lines and rings + forms, a series of scalable, bespoke luminaires evocative of geometric simplicity and sleek minimalism. These fixtures can be ceiling or wall-mounted, as well as take the form of suspended pendant lights and recessed units. The range caters to both corporate workplaces and residential units.

Lighting solutions are increasingly being devised to offer curated spatial experiences, a marked departure from conventional lighting. The price-driven market in India is gradually being discarded in favor of a design-driven market, with an emphasis on precision, efficiency, and durability.

In terms of design, clients have a preference for minimalist and utilitarian products that combine form and function to create optimal lighting conditions.

The fact that automation now encompasses all aspects of living,  the market trend rates high on flexibility – in terms of remotely controlling lighting levels for enhanced comfort and wellness.


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