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The concept of large windows at home

An apartment and a farmhouse or a bungalow and a villa, every house are surrounded by nature, fresh air and lush greenery if you invest so. The lavish settings of each home can be perfectly complemented with the outdoor impression using windows. Depending on the window size, one can enjoy the nature pleasantries in abundance and make the house look more amplified and inviting as a result. 

Mythbuster Pooja,

Windows inside a home are not something you have heard for the first time. However, with the changing times, when people are looking for some environment support and finding a base in the residential societies, to escape the otherwise messed up city life, the old concept of windows at home is also finding a completely new meaning.

Having large windows at home is a necessity and a luxury both. Green residential complexes with oversize windows, is the nature addition at home which delivers. There is an abundance of natural light inside. At the same time, it helps you explore the stunning views outside at great length. There is fresh air greeting you every morning. Now, isn’t that a great way to keep the wonder alive at home and feel nature at its best. It instantly changes the home decor, creating amplified impressions of colourful nature. It is the most definite way of spending cherished moments with nature at home.

There are many window styles and sizes to add Mother Nature glory abode. Go window shopping with these concepts in the mind.

  • You are still bang on if traditional and stationary windows style is your idea of brightening up the house interiors. The glass windows wall in the bedroom or the floor to ceiling glass windows in the living space give a perfect contemporary impression. Large windows in the balcony are a perfect way to refresh the mind in the evening or spend time in the morning bliss.
  • The fine glass designs can add appeal to the drawing room and look fabulous at the first sight. For the home dwellers, it offers an instant respite in nature and fresh views outside, making the living space look seamless. The guests will appreciate your thinking ahead on the contemporary designs. It makes the small space look elegant, enhanced and effortless. Stretch your imagination to look beyond the home, naturally.
  • It is a very eco-friendly idea and helps every family member stay in comfort and in good health and spirits too. Your home looks friendly, green, and it is a good way to live in a stressed out urban environment. One can even use organic materials like wood and stone to add volume to the architectural decor. It looks sleek, befitting a modern home interior in a manner of natural semblance at home.
  • If on certain days, you are not comfortable keeping the windows open, you can shut it and still feel the greenery around. One option to do so is using customized window designs which make shelf space for green plants, flower decor or cotton fabric, translucent style draperies.
  • If excess sunlight is something which worries you for using an oversize window, you can cover it up with sun blinders or tinted glass. Use wood panes around the main door, if you have the space to accommodate the design and add a friendly vibe to the whole decor. Single hung windows are more affordable too.
  • If you have a beautiful, manicured garden, a window is all you need to experience the pleasant decor every moment. The window overlooking the garden needs wood and stone frames to complement the natural decor.

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