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Work from Home – 10 things that will make you sorted

So, you have quit your monotonous job? And you are on a spree to conquer the world from the comfort of your home. It might seem easy at first but working from home is not a good idea if you are still not prepared to take the control of your life. It is even more difficult to be your own boss because it needs continuous self-critiquing and regular monitoring. As with everything, working from home has its own pros and cons – you have your own cozy set up but you lack having a chit chat with your colleagues. You save the commuting time but you lose on creating a working atmosphere, there are too many distractions. So, here are 10 things you must try to make your work from home experience glitch free:

Mythbuster Anushree

  1. Plan your day

Don’t step into a new day without any plans. Make a detailed ‘to do’ list for the coming day and stick to the plan accordingly. Don’t compensate on the working hours or the quality of work. Remember you are working for yourself, so you have all the more reason to complete the job in time and in the best possible way.

  1. Start your day with the daily morning routine

Wake up at a fixed time daily, freshen up and eat breakfast. This will set your mood for the day to start working.

  1. Focus

Don’t try to be a multitasker, focus on one thing at a time. For instance, don’t eat and type at the same time. You can’t be efficiently completing one thing if you are constantly struggling to complete everything together. Yes, everything is important but priorities one by one.

  1. Set the ambience

Different people get inspiration from different stimulants. Set the background likewise, whether it the music, light, color or the right temperature.

  1. Say no to distraction

All you need is to put your phone off range when you are working on an important thing.

  1. Plan your breaks

If you are truly passionate about the outcome, then quality working is a compulsion and as per research human brain cannot function at its best when overburdened, so you need to have frequent breaks while working. Take 5 minutes walking breaks every 60- 90 minutes.

  1. Exercise Daily

Exercising is as important as anything else in life. Exercising helps you to deal with crisis in a better way. Observing real people outside and feeling fresh air increase your creativity and efficiency.

  1. Control your urges

While at home, you may have urges to complete the leftover dishes, dirty laundry or other household tasks, but don’t indulge in any of these activities during your working hours.

  1. Treat yourself on achievements

Words of appreciation boost your confidence. So, don’t forget to treat yourself after a successful working day at home.

10. Social interaction

When the whole world around you is working during the day, you don’t see a lot of people around you when at home. So, try and get social after your work is over.


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