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Winter is here! 10 things to make your home winter ready


by Anushree Ghosh,

The transparent dew drops in the morning, warm sun rays in the afternoon, evening mist and the cool breeze at night define the essence of winter and the charismatic symphony that croons pleasantly amidst the cold waves placidly melts our ways with nature. Winter comes with poetic mist and crispy breeze. Days are for rubbing off the fog while crossing it and nights are for slipping into the quilt and relishing the warmth of a cup of coffee, you can think of nothing better than admiring the comfort residing in every corner of your home.

Here are 10 things to make your home winter ready:

Seal doors and windows: Minimalise heat loss through the gaps in the doors or windows. You may use bubble wrap or plastic sheets to prevent the cold waves to enter. Replace the broken frames and seal the gaps.

Hang extra curtains: In order to keep the rooms insulated, you can hang extra curtains to seize the warm air inside.

Insulate Switchboards: We often neglect the holes in the switchboards but to keep the house warm we need to trap heat inside and to do so it is important to tighten the air holes in the boards.

Change air filters: Your heating system have been lying idle for months now, and dust must have entered it, no matter how well you kept it covered. Before restarting, it is advisable to change the air filters that will keep the house dust free.

Clean up the drains:  Fallen leaves or garbage stuck in the drains adds to the volume and chokes the flow of water especially in winters. Make sure the drain is free from clogs.

Enhance vibrancy: Winters may come in gloomy and dull colors that could adversely affect your mood. So, brighten up the colors of your home accessories – cushion covers, bed sheets, doormats, etc. Try amber or bright yellow to give it a warm and sunny feel.

Flowers: Flowers add flavors to the mood of the house, some tangy red or flashy yellow flowers like rose, orchids, dahlias elevate the spirit of the house and subdues dullness.

Induce fragrance: Use of perfume oils or burning oils triggers the sense of smell that in turn influence brain to feel the warmth. It creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere at home.

Cover floors with carpets: The floor becomes extremely cold in winters and carpets will help you to walk freely around the house and amplify the coziness quotient too.

Keep insects away: Winter invites many creepy insects in the house like bedbugs, spiders, and ants. Once infested, it becomes difficult to debug the place, so it is wiser to spray every corner before temperature decreases further so that the house remains pest free.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theatre actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural stories.

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