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What a futuristic home looks like?

What a futuristic home looks like? RealtyMyths

-by Alok Hada, Director, AnushaTechnovision Pvt. Ltd.

“The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create”– Leonard Sweet, American Theologian

People often envision their future as advanced and to be governed by technology in every sense. They want to buy and build things that lead them to the next generation and do not get obsolete. Similarly, even while designing their homes, home-owners want their residences to be exquisite and fitted with the newest fixtures and fittings in the market.

Our lives have been invaded with technology in recent times. With the inclusion of smartwatches, smartphones, automatic cars, and smart classes, it seems fitting that our homes too, are equipped with the best technology available. The next decade’s biggest trend will surely be home automation—which will help to create spaces, wherein technology will assist people in making their day-to-day living easier.

Why home automation is the next big thing?

Human beings love technology; they like everything that makes their life easier and better. Why then, would they refrain from residing in a space, where everything is possible with a single click? A home where things are done exigently, keeping in mind their mood and preferences is surely a smart home. From adjusting lighting as per specific requirements to making sure that they don’t need to get out of the bed to draw curtains, home automation ensures that one dwells in the lap of comfort.

Home automation can seem like a costly affair; however, when weighed with the benefits that it offers, it surely comes out as a winner. A fully automatic space also means that it would lead to energy conservation and less labor. Lights adjust with the mood or as per the presence of a person. There can be automated drapes or curtains that would also adjust according to the daylight in the room.

With rapid technological changes, it is quite clear that many contemporary and modish products will be introduced in the future, to enhance the scenario of what a futuristic home would look like. Upcoming product launches would eliminate the work of humans to generate a cozy place, where everything can be customized and will be automatic.

Even today, there are houses that have automated lights, drapes, mirror TVs, etc. which add comfort to human lives. Product brands are ensuring that the products are serviced to the consumers, so that they may lead a life full of luxury or plush.

Today, the world can imagine how a fully automatic house would look like and would work- embracing aesthetics, Luxe and a feeling of being in paradise – a place where no one can resist living in.

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