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Why your web architecture is more important than your property?

web architecture

Property buyers are currently well informed, thanks to the digital era. They generally tend to research about the developer before investing. Digital has become a convenient medium for the primary research and skimming. 

RM Correspondent

Web site for developers is a necessity and digital products are the future of India. Websites primarily define the brand digitally and help the consumers to create a perception. Millions of searches happen in real estate every day. User experience and an interface are now a priority to capture the audience. Realty brands have evolved digitally with new innovations and virtual reality to garner attention. Thus, we planned to review some of the real estate websites:-

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Ajnara India

#Observation: The website is pleasant with the brand message “Peace of mind”. The user experience seems good with great graphics sense and ease motion. It’s coded with HTML and Java script with Google hosting. Comprehensively the site is appealing, but not well defined.

#Pain Point: Firstly, the brand details would only come if you only scroll down. Secondly, a jingle keeps on playing until you select an option.

#Suggestion: Messaging of the brand should be clear with a bit more information. The music should have a turn off button. I had to mute my laptop! Recent Update on Ajnara


#Observation: This website is very well defined and maintains it brand identity throughout. All the plugin are put in place with great interaction. The images are appealing and hyperlinked to the desired category. The customer login helps to know all the information and can connect to a representative easily. The site is build with HTML5 and Java with intelligent features and updated plugins running on a Microsoft IIS Server solution.

#Pain Point: Social media plugin not available on the brand page.

#Suggestion: The site can be simpler and user friendly. Recent update on DLF

Godrej Properties

#Observation: It’s a Php and Java script based website with simple graphics, category search and slides on the landing page. The information’s are all available and redirected to the respective page but it’s unglamorous. Godrej is an umbrella brand with great retention and appeal. But this website is kind of disappointing.

#Pain Point: Brand elegance doesn’t transfer, facebook link not available on the website even though it has 41k likes.

#Suggestion: It should be properly revamped with more brand appeal, updated, proper social plugins. Recent update on Godrej Properties


#Observation: The, website is simple with great graphics and updated project images. The brand establishments are significant and appealing. It runs on a Microsoft server and built with Java script. The overall site looks very fresh and dynamic.

#Pain Point: About the brand can be more specific and defined.

#Suggestion: Videos should be incorporated to hold the users and decrease the bouncing rate. Recent Update on IREO

JMS BuildtechJMS Buildtech

#Observation: This site doesn’t have much to grab the eyeballs, with a single page static landing page with one project display keeps it clean and sober but nothing to surprise a visitor. The other categories are easy to bounce but look similar. The website is coded with HTML5 and JQuery running on Apache.

#Pain Point: Lack of elements to grab the eye balls or the user experience.

#Suggestion: Social media plug-in not available on the top and contact section! Needs more interaction. Plan a user journey. Recent update on JMS Buildtech


#Observation: The websites visuals are appealing with attractive colours and high res. The message is clear with the category search. Build with HTML5 and java script and is running on a Microsoft IIS Server solution. The site is well maintained and updated.

#Pain Point: The second half of the site seems dull and a bit disorganized. Interactivity is low

#Suggestion: Latest updates can be more attractive, with a query tab

SARE Homes
SARE Homes

#Observation: The website is with sliders on the landing page well incorporated. The location search filter makes it easier for users. The interface is great with the right graphics and motion. The website is more sociable and connected with integrations from the hugely popular Facebook website. Fanatical Support web hosting from global hosting provider Rackspace and Apache web server.

#Pain Point: On page information can be more simplified. The interactive chat system should be properly integrated.

#Suggestion: The user journey needs to be simplified on the landing page. Recent updates on SARE Homes 

Signature Global
Signature Global

#Observation: The website will capture your eyeballs at one go. A word press based website coded with HTML5, java and php runs on a GoDaddy server. The brand definition is unique with all the available information. The site is well updated with a great DIY online integration. It has a smooth interface and great dynamics worth experiencing.

#Pain Point: Scrolling too much can make the user get lost in a milky way

#Suggestion: The website is unique but small detailing would make it perfect. Language plugin can of great use for the set of your audience. Recent update on Signature Global

TATA Housing
TATA Housing

#Observation: Tata has always maintained their brand identity all throughout their channels. TATA Housing website is a simple website with four language translation which is rarely put in other platforms. The landing page seems static with simple interface project information, online booking option. It is a Php based website with HTML5 coding hosted in Apache

#Pain Point: The page is static with a single banner. The search tool is not much interactive. Latest updates is of 2014

#Suggestion: Needs updating. User experience should be prioritized. Recent Update on Tata Homes

Wave Infra

#Observation: The site is not attractive, but has a different take on real estate website. It runs on Apache server and built with HTML 5 and Java script. This site has lack of content on landing page but visually it’s simplified

#Pain Point: Images are small with lack of information.

#Suggestion: This site can be well defined with attractive graphics and more content on the landing page. A user needs a defined path and overall experience.

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