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We are moving towards Work-Place Equality in Real Estate – Rakhi Sharma, Investors Clinic

We are moving towards Work-Place Equality in Real Estate – Rakhi Sharma, Investors Clinic
Rakhi Sharma, IC

Rakhi Sharma, Investors Clinic

In last few months, Investors Clinic, India’s largest real estate consultants has been in news for strategizing various innovative marketing schemes, thereby revitalizing the erstwhile sluggish realty markets. It first pioneered the ‘Adarsh Awas Yojana’ in association with Amrapali Group which got followed by many developers. Investors Clinic recently launched the Byaaj Mukt Awas Yojna where it put on offing properties at zero interest rate and no EMI, instead it pioneered EPR of Equal Principal Repayment concept. The Group has been doing it all, and there is a team of select brains who has been instrumental in designing and marketing these pathbreaking concepts. One such personality is Ms Rakhi Sharma, Head-Marketing at Investors Clinic. Started her career as sales professional in American Express, Rakhi has grown up steadily and horizontally. In a span of 10 years of her Corporate Communications practice, she has handled many brand launches, marketing campaigns and has designed and executed many strategic communication plans across diverse industry verticals. Leading the Marketing at Investors Clinic, Rakhi’s dynamic personality and vast experience help her promote the brand to the best of her capabilities. Team RealtyMyths got an opportunity to interact with her and understand her perspective about the sector, the people and the future. Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Real estate is a tricky business; you have to sell dreams. How difficult was it for you to decide a career in real estate given the fact that there has been a limited exposure to females in this sector?

Decisions are for those who have options. After a long stint of working with media houses, selling all kind of media and handling key accounts for media agencies, I wanted to grow horizontally; when I got my shot, it was rather easy for me to decide. For me, the job profile matters the most, industry is secondary. As far as female professionals in real estate is concerned, it is more of a ceiling which every woman is trying to break, happy that I am a part of it and together we are moving towards work-place equality.

Do you think marketing in real estate has evolved over a period of time? How technology is playing its part in this evolution?

Change is the only thing which is constant in life. Indeed, marketing in real estate has changed a lot. There are now many tools available which can help shape one’s creative ideas and help him present the product in a better and more engaging way in front of the customers. These new tools and technologies are playing vital role in designing the overall product.

Have you ever experienced any gender based discrimination?

See, I talked about the ceiling which is to be broken and it cannot be done by a single person; it has to be a collective effort. Coming to your question, my answer is ‘no’. I feel it depends mostly on three things i.e. your work and attitude towards work, being clear in mind of the fact that you are not at a mercy of others and lastly, giving a tough competition to your male counterparts.

What advice you would give to other female professionals who come across such situations?

Women are still caught in a dilemma where they struggle to navigate the requirements of their feminine gender role expectations and still prove to others that they are assertive and competent (read masculine) enough to lead others.

My advice to female professionals who face such kind of issues is to never let these things hamper your quality of work and let it speak on your behalf; you will actually see the ceiling breaking.

There are still a handful of women professionals who have made it to the Board Room. Why is it so? Do you think presence of a woman at the top can make any difference?

When you compare the ratio of working women with working men, it is drastically low, so is their presence in board rooms. What I feel is that woman as sect had to fight for its rights and equality all across the globe; it started with education. Sadly, in our country we are lagging behind our western counterparts in terms of proper education, rights and equality. We need to pace it up. The sooner it happens, the faster we narrow down the gaps. Definitely, women in board rooms and at leading positions can be a role model for others.

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