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Wastage of Resources – Who is Accountable!

Wastage of Resources - Who is Accountable!

How will you feel when you shift in your new housing society and find there is no connecting road to it or there is no electricity connection to this society or there is no sewer line at all to dispose of the waste! Yes, it is the same feeling that the residents of Greater Faridabad go through every day.

The area of Greater Faridabad was conceptualised in the year 2006 on the backdrop of the FNG project. The plan was to develop a  mini-township with all the supporting infrastructure. However, neither the FNG Corridor could be materialized nor the residents of these localities could experience the full-fledged infrastructure, till date.  Though the developers delivered their projects way back in the year 2011 itself, the supporting infrastructure that were supposed to be developed along with the projects is yet to be developed. There is a fully functional sewer line within the project periphery, however, there is no connecting sewer line outside the project to dispose of the wastewater.

To add to the surprise, the residents bear a cost of almost a Crore every month to dispose of the wastewater coming out of the societies. Who is responsible for this wastage of resources. Who is accountable for the tax-payers’ money that is being wasted in this fashion?

The developers have already paid the EDC and IDC charges to the authorities i.e. Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) in the year 2009 itself, but the authority is yet to develop the infrastructure. Buyers and residents keep agitating against the developers but they cannot raise their voice against the administration as the administration like HUDA does not come under the Consumer Court’s ambit. Where should a buyer go?

Here, Mr. Pramod Minocha, President, GREFA pours out his grief and anger against the system and urges us to raise our voice against the corruption which is going around since ages. If we do not raise our voice today, we will not find any solution to this problem tomorrow. WakeUpIndia!


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