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5 Wall décor trends that you must know – RealtyMyths

Wall Decor RealtyMyths

by Ankana Mitra

Are you tired of looking at the boring walls inside your home? If yes, then you clearly need to renovate them. The first thing that grabs your attention when you enter a room or hall is the walls. They have the knack to change your mood entirely after a hatchet day in office. Now that we know how walls put a huge impact on your life, let’s go ahead and discuss different ways to decorate them.

Here are the five simple yet trendy ways to decorate the walls, which will give your home a new look:

Wall Arts:

If you want to add a little drama to your life, then wall art is the best option for you. By simply choosing the colour palette, the texture and determining the focal points of the home, one can easily give a dramatic touch to their rooms. The bright colours really work as an icing on the cake.

Use trendy pattern and stickers:

One of the most pocket-friendly and trending ways to decorate your wall is using stickers. These are available in the market in verity, from which you can choose the ones that suit your personality. As you know your home should showcase your personality hence, this is the ideal option for you to highlight it.

Say hello to Dark and rich colours:

Some people often get apprehensive with dark colours and so they usually opt for pastel and light shades. But, with the changing trends, to bring out the bold side, the dark and rich colours are coming back in the game. This will be a good way to change the look of your house and give a new prospect to your eyes.

Cool hanging decors:

The colour of the wall cannot always grab attention. Sometimes you need to do a little extra, like using simple yet elegant décor that you can hang or fix on the wall like clams mini seashells, a patterned rug, sculptural pieces, huge paintings or creating a gallery wall.

Go overboard with nature:

Plants spread a positive vibe all over, and are always a pleasant option to keep in the surroundings. The most trending way to use plants as decor is by creating a nature’s wall, where small pots are hanged in a sequence all over the wall. Hanging or just arranging the pots give an outstanding effect to the balcony or any other corner of the room.

So don’t come back to the boring walls, as by now you know that it just takes a little creative effort to enhance the vibe of your house. Plus the aforementioned tips and tricks will help you stay updated with the décor trends.

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