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Virtual Reality to Replace Traditional Property Showing Methods

Virtual Reality to Replace Traditional Property showing Methods - RealtyMyths

– by Anushree Ghosh

Virtual Reality is transforming the way real estate works, and we expect some real changes in the future. Up till now, buyers used to fix an appointment with the agents and pay visits according to the availability of both the parties.

But, what if one can have a real-time view of a property without spending actual time in visiting the place physically; after all, it is all about the experience. Isn’t it? So, consider a case where you want to buy a property which is still under construction and you are not sure how it’ll look after completion. Imagine the excitement of looking at the 3-D view of the property, as it is expected to look after the completion of the project, instead of going through the traditional 2-D models on a brochure. You can virtually use the space to explore as you like – walk through the gallery, balcony and rooms, place furniture and get a glimpse of the society you plan to move in. It feels actual. Now, will you still go for the traditional method when you have the updated new version of looking at your future home?

There are two types of 3D virtual tours:

Guided visits: It is quite similar to traditional promotional videos. These can be created easily and give a 360-degree idea about the look and feel of the property. One just needs a panoramic camera and can go ahead and shoot it, it doesn’t even require high-level rendering. A VR-headset will help you see the video and assess if you are interested in the property.

Interactive visits: This kind of virtual reality visits allows the users to navigate through the property as per her/his choice. It is not as simple as guided tours and requires some level of programming but showcasing a property becomes all the more interesting and exciting.

There are many apps that help in augmenting this technology, for example, the app named IKEA place helps the users to virtually place furniture and other decorative items from their catalog, therefore, the buyers get clarity about how the future room can be designed and what one should look for when trying to get home accessories.

Application of such virtual reality tools provides such vivid experiences that the buyer’s decision-making time gets highly reduced. As a result, selling property becomes easier. In the hustle-bustle of the city, people are too busy to make several visits to a property, but if they can observe every corner of the house by using technology from the comfort of their homes, then life will become so easy. In India, where the whole family decided together, it becomes super-easy to take a collective decision.

Anushree is a versatile writer, theater actress with an immense passion for any form of art. Her blogs will take you through the different horizons of infracultural storie.

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