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Top 5 trends in office interior designing – RealtyMyths


by Ankana Mitra

With the passing years, the job seekers have evolved tremendously. Now, apart from a good package, the job seekers are looking for a workplace where they wouldn’t mind coming daily, which is exciting and offers a creative vibe that inspires them to generate fresh ideas. That is why the corporate real estate sector is focusing on interior designing now more than ever. Earlier the interiors were done specifically to put an impression on the clients. Whereas now about 40% of focus has been shifted to employee satisfaction, to provide them with a flexible environment. And it is safe to say that this benefits the company in return as flexibility improves employee productivity, and encourage better collaboration among team members, along with saving overhead costs in many cases.

So, here are the amazing top 5 office interior trends

Flexible Spaces with a Hint of Greenery:

Flexible Spaces with a Hint of Greenery

People usually spend more than 9 hours of their day in the office & it is quite tiring for them to work at the same boring place daily. Therefore, to break this bar of monotony companies are adding flexibility. By using modern furniture, and doing the interiors based on a theme, brands are making their office space attractive. On the other hand, plants have become a significant part of any corporate space. With the awareness of unlimited benefits of having greenery in the workplace, many companies are interested in offices with roof-top gardens, water features, nature wall dividers and interiors made of bamboo/wood.

Collaborative Workspace with Open Plan Desking:

Open Plan Desk

The millennials have outcast the traditional cabin/cubical seating arrangement, which gave birth to a new trend that increases the engagement and encourages the teamwork within the office environment. The workstations witnessed a shift from segmented individual work stations to more open plan office areas, which is expected to an increased sense of community, boost the relationship and strengthen social connections.

Incorporating the Brand Identity:

Brand Identity

At the end of the day, the office represents the company and its beliefs. Therefore, many companies have found innovative ways to incorporate their brand identity with the interiors. It is done in a way which is not too loud and yet effortlessly conveys the brand’s message. Elements like the brand logo, colours and even the vision are used to make a physiological impression on both the clients and employees.

The Office Library:

The Office Library

The Office Library

The search for a silent space where individuals can think without any interruption has ended. Yes, you heard it right! Now there are libraries in offices where employees can spend their free time. This space is utilized in many ways such as participating in a conference call, taking phone calls or for a quick reading break.

Abstract Art & Accent Lights:

Abstract Art & Accent Lights

The partnership of abstract art & accent light is best to complement the office walls. The best wall of the office space is decorated with the many forms of art like paintings, sculptures, wall hangings and motivational quotes, which helps employees to connect and get inspired. Also, to add up to the art and personify it, cool accent lights are used. This makes the office eye-catching to the client and refreshes the mood of the employees as soon as they enter.

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