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Top 5 Affordable Interior Design trends in 2019 – RealtyMyths

Top 5 Affordable Interior Design trends in 2019 – RealtyMyths

by Saloni Bisht,

Interior Designing and affordability were poles apart a decade ago. But, with the digital revolution, the world has become a glo-cal village and with people becoming more aware of the happenings across the world.  Social media platforms like Instagram, Tumbler, and Pinterest are today flooded with affordable and innovative creative ideas for home decor.  People are following the latest trends and adopting the same while designing their dream homes.  DIYs (Do It Yourself) are the saviour when it comes to affordable yet trendy décor.

Here are top 5 affordable interior designing trends for your home


White Design in trend

90% white, 10% colour

The all-white craze is here to stay and why not it makes everything look bright and at the same time it gives that soothing touch also. Only in 2019, the all-white theme is expected to witness a colour pop, which is why you’ll have to keep 90/10 rule in mind while decorating. This way you can convert your space into a captivating one in a flawless way. This 10% colour could be anything such as a couch, art piece, and décor.




Contemporary Boho

Contemporary Boho

The trend that is everyone’s favourite, Bohemian theme has been going strong for years now. Only this year this trend comes with a modern twist to balance its overpowering and extensive impact. It has been in trend before, but this year it’s expected to be back with a bang, so get ready to embrace your inner hippie and add the fun vibe with sophistication in the house.



Wall Paper

Wallpaper is back

Just when you thought it is a part of history, the wallpaper made a comeback in the home décor trend. No matter if it’s just for a single wall or for the whole room, it can be utilised in any area. Even a small wallpaper at any wall can pop up the whole space.



Velvet Furniture

Velvet Furniture

Velvet is the matter of choice not specifically a trend. It was never “not a trend” as many people who like it use it no matter what. It generally defines luxury and comfort. You can get as creative as you wish with it, due to its versatile character.



Navy the new black

Navy, the New Black

One of the safest, timeless and traditional interior design trends is “black.” But this time Navy is all set to take the front seat, which will be mostly seen on the walls or furniture. Currently, we have seen more people are using navy in their bedrooms for their curtains which is giving a royal touch to their relaxing space.



2019 is going to be a year full of creativity and ground-breaking designs!  Aforementioned are some of the trends that can change the look of your abode without burning a hole in your pockets.

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