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Tips for designing a small living room


– by Ankana Mitra

Living room is considered to be the heart of the home. The room is used to relax, chill with friends and family, host a party or just have time with yourself. Hence, you need to design it more aesthetically than other parts of your home. The room needs to look comforting and a little pompous at the same time.

Living Room is a space where you usually place some of the most beautiful pieces of your furniture, where you take a relaxing breath after a long tiring day & where you spend some quality time with your family & friends. But what would happen if the heart of the home is small in size?

No worries, here are some really quick solutions that will help you solve this problem:

Open up your curtains

Open up your curtains:

Natural light can brighten up any dull space. The access of natural light for the living room is the ideal for a vigorous environment, so, put light-colored curtains mostly pastel shades from which light can easily enter into the room. Light will make your room look more spacious & airy.

Make it a Multi-Purpose room


Make it a Multi-Purpose room:

When you have a small space then all you can do it is to make it a multi-purpose room. You can have a bed cum sofa and other multipurpose items in your living room.

Space up with Furniture

Space up with Furniture:

Now, this is going to be a wise investment which caters your needs nicely without any space issues. With the space-saving furniture, one can easily get the freedom to maximize the limited area without ruining your budget & compromising the comfort.  There are many space-saving furniture available in the market, just you have to do is to go & select the best for your living room.

Beautify your Space


Beautify your Space:

Invest your energy & time in creating beautiful budget-friendly things. Many things in the living room can be easily embellished with new ways. E.g. you can purchase beautiful high- pointed fabrics shades for your pillows, curtains that can give a trendy look, when you pair them with neutral color sofa or walls, or you can play with showpieces by lined them in the racks. These types of small affordable things can easily give a stunning look to your room.

Give a Retro touch

Give a Retro touch:

Incorporating decorative ideas of the different eras can create a stylized expression of your room. One of them is Retro décor. Spotting numerous pieces of retro décor like vintage globes, teak consoles, and hanging chairs can add charm and character to the living spaces. But it does not mean that you have to invest too much money, these things can be reproduced or can be available in any local flea market, which easily portrays yours without making whole in the pocket.

So, these are the basic ideas that can help you transform your small space into a dream habitation.

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