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The Surat Fire Accident: Are the Authorities Serious?

Fire Safety Norms: How Serious are Our Authorities? RealtyMyths

The Surat fire accident has many warnings for us. It raises a big question mark on the way our authorities function. It also puts a question mark on the responsibility and accountability of the state governments. The lives of those 22 students could have been saved had the local authorities played their parts diligently.

Though, these authorities are now in action; they have issued an order to almost 9000 properties across Surat to install fire safety norms or face closer. In other states also, the authorities have started taking the note of all the fire safety status in various coaching institutes and guesthouses. In Delhi, the NOC to Guest Houses having more than 4 floors are now denied. Permission to operate Kitchens on rooftops, as well as basements, have also been denied now.

Whatever these authorities do now, it will remain a reactive approach. What is needed from these Babus and their authorities is a proactive action where they need not any shocker like this to wake up from their slumber.

We hope the society will learn from the Surat fire accident. We will not ignore any loophole or allow them to happen. Our authorities will start discharging their responsibilities with complete honesty.

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