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The Kant Enclave Fiasco: Who is Responsible!

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Have you ever noticed a signboard just before the Delhi-Haryana border on the Tuglakabad-Surajkund road which goes past Karni Singh Shooting Range! That signboard says “This is to inform all that the Asola Wildlife Sanctuary is a Leopard-active region. Movements of Leopard has been witnessed here in recent times.” At a time when we the people are encroaching into wildlife, it is obvious that these creatures would register their presence in this fashion. And what if we tell you there is a residential colony right across the border by the name of ‘Kant Enclave’!

Yes, you read it right. The Kant Enclave colony is adjacent to Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, so close that their boundaries touch each other. And animals know no boundaries! This was one of the main reasons why the Supreme Court scrapped the colony and ordered demolition of all the construction conducted after 1992 in this region. Yes, you read it right again! Kant Enclave is now a history.

We visited the colony and met some of the residents. We also met some of the residents of the Aravalis and neighboring villages. We also met some of the environmentalists who actively work to preserve Aravali Range.  And after all the discussion, what we could conclude is that it was a complete carelessness of the local authorities who, while drafting the Master Plan, did not bother to crosscheck with their fellow officials from the Forest Department. Or was it a deliberate effort from their side to mint some quick money from the developers’ community!

Whatsoever, ultimately it is the Aravalis which has suffered the most, and the residents who invested their money in a  hope to live amidst nature. We thank Save Aravali Foundation and their representatives Ms. Anupam Bagul and Mr. Sanjay Rao who explained to us how this mistake by the government authorities has affected the wildlife at Aravalis.

Clearly, the time has come to fix everyone’s accountability, be it the local residents, the developers or the government authorities. Everyone should be penalized if found guilty. The authorities, being the government bodies, should be exempt, whatsoever!

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