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WakeUpIndia First podcast: The Issue of Delayed Infrastructure Projects

WakeUpIndia First podcast: The Issue of Delayed Infrastructure Projects
There are so many projects which get delayed in India. But no one bothers to ask any question. Our national parties do some blame game together, but results are a big ZERO. In some cases, the projects get its due, but the majority of the projects either runs on a long delay or are halfway through. Here are some of the facts for our readers to assess the overall status of various projects running under various initiatives by our govt. or town planner or authorities:
  • As many as 302 infrastructure projects worth Rs 150 crore and above are delayed with a total cost over-run of Rs 1.45 lakh crore as on November 1, 2017. This is as per a report by the Ministry of State for Statistics and Programme Implementation
  • As per the minister Shri Vijay Goel, a standing committee in each ministry has been set up for fixation of responsibility for time and cost over-runs.
  • This report mentions that some of the main reasons for the delay are environmental clearances, statutory clearances, land acquisition, fund constraints, security clearances etc.
  • The ministry has undertaken some of the major steps to ensure completion of central sector infrastructure projects without the time and cost over-runs which include: rigorous project appraisal, OCMS for better monitoring and setting up of revised cost committees in the ministries for fixation of responsibility for time and cost over-runs.
  • These steps have been taken for projects like Dwarka Expressway, Eastern Peripheral Expressway, and Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor as well. But these projects continue to cross deadlines on a regular basis.
  • We wrote mails to the respective ministries for their stand on these projects. We asked them about the fresh deadlines and the estimated cost of these projects. However, we are yet to hear from them.
  • Talking about Dwarka Expressway – The project got National Highway status in March 2016. In August 2017, NHAI notified the under construction highway and planned to build an elevated corridor at the cost of Rs 7000 crore to mitigate the land acquisition hurdle. It asked the state government to allot land. But the state government has failed to do so till date.
  • The project is delayed by almost a decade and is expected to miss yet another deadline.
  • These projects are not only about connectivity, they are also about prosperity. One of the sectors which are directly impacted by such projects is real estate. Hundreds of developers launched their projects on Dwarka Expressway. Buyers and investors too put in their money thinking the area will prosper in days to come. However, no significant development happened so far. On the contrary, the real estate projects are complete but there are no approaching roads. Crores of direct as well as an indirect investment are at stake.
We want to know why departments launch any project if they do not have the necessary approvals in place. Why doesn’t the government take action against the defaulting departments and allow them to waste public’s money? Who should be held responsible for this loot?  

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