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The Delayed Projects – Do we really need them now

The Delayed Projects – Do we really need them now

The status of Indian infrastructure projects is not very pleasing. The condition can easily be assessed with the fact that more than 300 projects are delayed by at least 5-7 years. The issue is that these delays just kill the entire purpose of those projects and make them virtually useless in the current scenario. Not to mention the revised funds which get wasted on them.

The question is ‘Do we really need them now’

Every project is launched with some objective. Out of all, one of the prime objectives is better and smooth connectivity and removing decongestion to cut pollution caused due to long traffic jams.

With delays exceeding more than 5 years, the entire surrounding of the project changes. The traffic load changes, the population load changes, the supporting infrastructure like arterial roads, sewer connectivity, power supply, number of households etc. change over a period of time. With all these changes happening every day on the ground, how can a project planned 5-7 years ago fit into it and can take up the load?


Signature Bridge

Launch date- was announced in the year 2004 and the project received a nod from the Delhi cabinet in the year 2007

Total project cost- Initially, the infrastructure project was expected to cost to around Rs 1,131 crore, which was raised from Rs 887 crore

cost already incurred- Rs 1,575 Cr.

delayed by years- The first deadline was fixed ahead of the 2010 Commonwealth Games but was revised to 2013. When the AAP-led government took over in 2015, the new deadline was set to June 2016 which was further pushed to 2017. It was in July 2017 when the Delhi government released Rs 100 crore for the construction and set the new deadline for March 2018 and now October 2018.

new times lines- End of October 2018

KMP Expressway

Launch date- 30th July 2006

Total project cost- 2320 crore

cost already incurred- The Palwal-Manesar stretch was completed at a cost of Rs 457.81 crore

delayed by years- The original deadline for the 136 km KMP expressway was July 2009

new times lines- Kundli to Bhiwari completed but from Bhiwari to Palwal is still under construction. Nearly 30% of the e-way stretch is still incomplete

Rao Tula Ram Marg Flyover

Launch date- 2014

Total project cost- Rs 278 crore

cost already incurred- the cost of building the flyover has escalated by 19% to Rs 330 crore

delayed by years- With only 11% work completed in two years, the Delhi government is racing against time to meet the June 2018 deadline

new times lines- June 2018


Every infrastructural project must be completed within the stipulated timeframe. In case it gets delayed, it’s planning should be revised to accommodate the changes happening around it. There should be a central monitoring committee which should be engaged in assessing the financial and structural viability of these projects in every 5 years. The government must take accountability of tax-payers’ money. Also, the common man should take onus of raising their voices if they see any discrepancy at the project level.

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