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Terrace Farming: The Ultimate Waste Management Solution

Waste Management Realty Myths news

by Saloni Bisht

Not all waste is garbage,’ most of it is Black Gold, particularly referring to the kitchen and lawn waste here. But, a larger part of what you hurl into the bin is organic material that can be composted and used as the fertilizer. Especially beneficial for plants in your garden or kitchen garden. Majorly, there are two types of waste in the kitchen, Dry and Wet waste. Wet waste being the gold remains undrawn, because people do not segregate dry from wet.

What not to throw?

Items like remains of tea, vegetable peelings, dry leaves, eggshells, coffee and other waste stuff should not be tossed in the trash. By composting them you can turn them into the nutritive and rich soil and use it to fertilize your farm of lawn. These left out items are extremely useful if you have a terrace farm or garden in front of your house. And if you don’t then you should build one. Having a terrace farm solves more than just one purpose. To start with, it is the ultimate solution for waste management which is need of the hour. Also, having a farm where you can grow veggies, salad leaves, and fruits is indeed a cost-effective and healthy attempt. In this era, where farming has taken an unwholesome turn due to the practice of growing vegetables and fruits artificially, having a kitchen garden of your own is the best way out of hazardous food.

Following are types of terrace farms you can set up within budget and do waste management at home:-

Vegetable farm in the Pots

The easiest way to plant the veggies is to put them in the pots that are big and deep enough to hold the plant. You can place them wherever the sunlight falls according to their needs. It is advised to only use earthen pots as the plastic pots are of low quality and drain is the heat. Vegetables like Tomatoes, beans, potatoes, eggplant and cucumbers, can be grown in the pots.

Incorporate farm Area on the Terrace

In case you are willing to go to the next level with terrace farming and you have a huge terrace, you can integrate the farm area. Fill the area with soil and compost for fertilizing it. No pots or soil beds needed.

Use Sandboxes

A sandbox can be used for various purposes apart from playing. You can convert it in a vegetable patch, this way your plants can flourish in an optimal space. You can plant almost all kinds of small herbs like garlic, radishes, ginger, lettuce etc.

The famous vertical gardens

If you don’t have much space on the terrace, then don’t get disheartened, instead use your walls for setting up the farm. This is the smartest way to utilize the area if you have a space crunch. Just hang frames, racks and shelves on the wall and fix the pots on them.

With waste management system and terrace farming, you can compose both organic fertilizer and food at home. And doing this will lead you to live a healthy life without producing excess waste.

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