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Sunehra September – Real estate rewind 2017

Sunehra September – Real estate rewind 2017

2017 was not less than a roller coaster ride for the real estate sector. Before flying into 2018, let’s peek into a year which was perhaps filled with uncertainty, volatility and long-term promise of new opportunities.

Let’s look at RM top stories for the month of September which got maximum eyeballs.


Sadly violence and vandalism have almost become a norm associated with emotionally charged protests baring a few.

Several breakthrough reforms with pertinence to the Indian real estate sector saw the light of the day over the last one year.

A spree to conquer the world from the comfort of your home. Things you must try to make your work from home experience glitch free.

The new Real Estate Act allows strict regulation of the real estate sector of the Indian economy, thus making it more accountable and consumer friendly.

Emaar India has completed and delivered its residential projects, The Avenues at Esplanade and Grace in Chennai. This marks the fourth project delivery in 2017 by Emaar India, which is committed to expediting construction and handover of all its ongoing projects to the customers.

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