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Small Bedroom Décor Ideas to make it more Functional – RealtyMyths

Small Bedroom Decor RealtyMyths

by Saloni Bisht

A room should be multifunctional, as not everyone one can afford to have a separate room for different chores. It should have a dressing area, study, book store, closet and of course the bed. But achieving all these functional spaces can get challenging when the sq. ft. rescues.

According to the latest report, the top 7 cities collectively saw the average apartment sizes shrink by 17%, which means even smaller rooms. Millennial are doing things differently as compared to the previous generation, as their priority is to have changed when it comes to house hunting. They look for a place near their workplace and so the size doesn’t matter.

So keeping in mind the size of the room, it becomes difficult for them to manage life. That’s why we’ve come with the super easy and creative ideas to make your tiny room more functional because we know that it has more potential than you think it has.

Wall is the new floor

Since you don’t have much space on the ground, it is only a reasonable option to utilise the walls and ceiling as much as possible. Storage furniture, like bedside tables with drawers, tiny dressers, shelves to store show pieces can also be attached to the wall. This will leave a lot of space beneath which can be utilised as a seating area, study, or even for shoe storage.

Fold for more space

The bed is generally used at night, but it covers a huge area of the room. This can be fixed, thanks to the flexible furniture. Instead of going for a poster bed or the regular bed, you should opt for the sofa cum bed furniture, this way you can fold the bed in the day time and use that space for moving freely or even for a light workout. Hence, using flexible furniture will make life a lot easier.

Open Closet

Closets are history now! Mainly because a full-size wardrobe typically takes up much of the valuable space. That’s why many people have started using Shelftrack Closet Storage, which is made up of a bunch of rods and shelves. This is a great way to organize any closets. This system has flexible standards and brackets allowing you to move shelves up and down to different positions.

Mirror it up

Small bedrooms and mirrors are best friends. If your room is small and you wish to make it big, the only possible way is by adding mirrors on the wall as the mirror will not only make the room look bigger, but it also will reflect natural light in your room and make it brighter.

Sliding your way in/out

A part of your room needs to be vacant as the door of your room opens in that direction. Because of which neither can you place anything on the floor nor hang anything on the wall in the region. But there is one solution to fix this issue and that is a magical sliding door. By fitting the sliding door you will be left with plenty of space that you were unaware of until now. These doors take up less room because they eliminate the swing action.

The aforementioned ideas cover every possible way to make your cosy, small room more spacious and purposeful.

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