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Roseate Hotels & Resorts Announces Association With Assouline

Luxury Hotel Brand Partners with one of the world’s largest luxury book publishers to enhance the guest experience

Roseate Hotels & Resorts Announces Association With Assouline RealtyMyths

Roseate Hotels & Resorts has announced its collaboration with Assouline, the first global book publisher dedicated to luxury and culture. The collaboration will provide guests with exclusive access to publishing the brand’s enormous array of beautiful coffee table books that are known for their distinctive imagery and contents.

The books will be previewed at Roseate House New Delhi’s luxe co-working space Upstage Club slated to launch next month. The select collection of books will be available to read across different spaces of the hotels and resorts as well as in their suites.

The partnership is another step towards curating personalized guest experiences by the award-winning uber-luxury brand.

Mr. Kush Kapoor, CEO shared, ‘We are happy to announce the association with Assouline and are confident that our esteemed guests will relish their thoughtful and visually stimulating content. The addition of these books will, I am sure increase the value guests derive from our co-working space’.

“Assouline and Roseate Hotels & Resorts share a common base of guests that seek new cultural experiences during their stay, so launching this display at the Roseate House is an obvious choice. We are very excited to expand our presence in India through valued partners such as Roseate Hotels & Resorts, and giving their guests access to our brand is a real privilege”, states Alexandre Assouline, Vice President at Assouline.

Guests will be able to indulge in their desire to know about the most revered names in fashion and lifestyle world through these tastefully written books. Some of the titles that would be available at Roseate House sourced from Assouline are, The Impossible Collection of Designs, The Impossible Collection of Wine, Rolex: The Impossible Collection, Pierre Cardin, The Impossible Collection of Art and many more.

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