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Role of luxury interiors in real estate

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– by Pooja Ashley & Arbaysis Ashley, Co-founders, Ashleys

The silver lining of luxury creates an indulging experience, a state of comfort, elegance, and status. Gone are the days when luxury was a mere perk offered at star hotels or a rarity found in an expensive royal palace. The luxury lifestyle, today, is nothing but a contented part of a routine lifestyle, part of a much wider spectrum of the society than ever before.

Since the last decade, the economy has been through constant evolution, while providing opportunities to every hardworking individual, and engaging them in the high-income funnel of the society. Not only have people earned excessively and had been multiplying their income constantly, but they have also become urbane and abreast of luxurious lifestyles, global brands, and popular trends. The real estate industry, being no exception, emphasizes on moving ahead with this league of an uber grand lifestyle to entice its consumers.

Pooja Ashley & Arbaysis Ashley, Co-founders, Ashleys RealtyMyths

Pooja Ashley & Arbaysis Ashley, Co-founders, Ashleys

The Real estate market has amended its ways to reach the niche clientele through compelling marketing of luxury lifestyle, modified architecture, a well-composed urbanscape, and eloquent interiors. What was once conceptualized as mundane gated communities, now offer state-of-the-art clubhouses, spacious flats, private lift access, and resort-style landscape? In addition to these top-notch amenities that have become a part of the current project planning, luxurious and interactive interiors are reinforced to enhance the sensory experience of each space. With architecture and interiors interlaced to complete the lifestyle experience, the real estate project establishes a strong visual impact on the consumers, portraying a comfortable lifestyle in the projects.

Interiors and luxury amenities are integral for a luxury project, right from enhancing the visual experience to the users’ living experience. Interior designers and developers aim to imbibe a strong momentary experience in each space – from the sales office to landscapes, from building lobbies to clubhouses and from common spaces to private residences. Moreover, the show-flats are styled desirably to demonstrate an uber-luxe lifestyle that not only sets an aspirational benchmark but also allows the client to visualize life in that space, something that no picture or render can do to establish that experience. As a part of this elaborate play, the interiors are strategized to create a symphonized narrative from the lobby which parades the standards across every inch of the project.

Although the fundamentals of luxury interiors are a judicious selection of the finest materials and furniture, their impact on consumers is only stimulated by emphasizing on rendering the mood and the perception of a space through lighting, surface textures and detailing. Therefore, the style and sensibility of the designer are crucial in real estate, as the designers’ experience along with user expectations and their proficiency in visual theatrics assists in commanding the desirability factor of the consumers.

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