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Real Estate Festive Season Offers: To Be Believed Or Not?

Real Estate Festive Season Offers: To Be Believed Or Not? RealtyMyths

– by Rashi Jain

Indians consider Diwali season to be sacred and believe it to be a marvelous time to open businesses, sell products and buy properties. As the festive season comes close the real estate developers start promoting different offers and discounts, one after another, to lure in home buyers.

To avoid unpleasant fallout, one must proceed with caution in buying a house. The buyer must not look at only offers but the property as well. It is the property itself that should lead the decision-making process. Let’s discuss the things you need to keep in mind while buying a house:-


The real estate dealers post out many enticing and inviting offers and discounts to entice home buyers. Do keep in mind, while some offers can be undoubtedly legitimate, there can also be misleading offers. Though, misleading offers are now considered to be illegal by the Act of RERA. Don’t just believe the information given to you, make sure to cross-check the information at least twice. As a matter of fact, many offers while genuinely good, could also be catastrophic for you specifically.

Focus on your actual needs for the property, such as – size, location, price, etc. then the temptation of the categorically perfect offer. Remember, no offer is of any good if the property is in the wrong location or does not have enough space according to your needs.

Consider the affiliated offers only after making a thorough research on the most important fronts- don’t compromise on your pre-requisites.

Always Take Precautions

To take precautions, one must first research the property they are looking to buy. If needed ask the dealer for detailed information and proof about the property and offer. Gather as much information as possible. Have patience and negotiate the deal. Read the fine print and point out any loopholes of the contract. Don’t let the dealer swindle a deal out of your favor. If such a case happens, walk away. Check out the timeline of the transaction and make sure there are no delays. Most importantly, make sure the property is approved under the RERA Act.

Real Estate Regulatory Authority is an act for regulation and promotion of the real estate sector to ensure the sale of apartment, plot or building in an efficient and transparent manner.

Most of the time, house buyers are looking to buy the property to make it a home. Everyone dreams to own their home and live there with their loved ones. Home is just not a mere investment, apart from the money people also invest their emotions into it. A dream home is much more than just a piece of property or land. So don’t get swayed by the lucrative offers, do your homework before making the purchase decision.

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