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Bangalore market is in revival mode after some turbulence – Raja Mukherjee, Golden Gate Properties

Bangalore market is in revival mode after some turbulence - Raja Mukherjee, Golden Gate Properties

Raja Mukherjee, has joined Golden Gate Properties, Bangalore as their Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. He is a Pharmaceutical graduate with a management and executive program in Business Management degree from IIM, Kolkata. He has a rich mix of experience in Marketing, Sales and Strategy in Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and Real Estate spanned over 15 years. Previous to joining Golden Gate he was the CMO of Bangalore based Real estate group called Concorde Group. Prior to Concorde he was Head of Sales at Prestige Group. Raja will be spearheading the Marketing and Sales function of Golden Gate Properties and its associate companies like Commune, Prisha Properties and Bhagyalakshmi Properties. Team RealtyMyths, had a an interesting session with Raja, here are the some perspectives

What is your new role at Golden Gate and how do you look forward to using your expertise to help the brand grow?

I am inducted in the system at a very critical growth phase of the organisation. The organisation has 9 on-going projects across Bangalore in some sought after locations. There is substantial inventory and also huge scope of brand building for Golden Gate. Golden Gate has a rich land bank and over a period will be coming up with some great concepts. The company has always maintained a very low profile but the time has now come to spread its wings and graduate to the next level.

What challenges do you expect in your new role?

The market is in revival mode after some turbulence. There are some changing dynamics which might pose challenges to the growth plan of the company, but, my confidence is that these challenges will pave better opportunities for Golden Gate. Due the recent slowdown, the momentum might be slow paced but will soon stabilise.

What do you think about the current scenario of Bangalore market? Is real estate a great sector to work for?

Real Estate is a very interesting industry and has immense scope to explore from strategy, marketing, sales, customer relationship management, design and management. It’s an amalgamation of all disciplines. Working culture can be very dynamic but one needs to be really passionate to excel. I learnt this from a great personality in Real Estate.

The current scenario is challenging but not negative. It will take some more time for buyers to gain their positivity in the sector. Lower home loans and the changing policies are like a boon for the days to come. In the recent past there has been some erosion of investors from the real estate market who will return soon seeing the volatility of other investment instruments.

Achievements in the previous role you want to discuss?

At Concorde, what we did in the last few years was phenomenal in terms of Brand Building and in turn few micro markets which were not much looked upon became prominent in the map of Bangalore. Sales and marketing discipline was another thing I can count on.

If you did not start out as a Marketing professional in Real Estate, what would you have started out as?

I would have started a school catering to holistic education and skill development for the deserving candidates of our society. I am still doing something in that area but nothing as compared to what I could have done if I took it full-fledged.

Describe your typical day – what does your work/life balance look like?

I am quite disciplined in terms of leading my daily schedule. My day however starts with rushed routine of getting ready so that I can beat the Bangalore traffic. On the way I complete my reading as well as I connect with family and friends over WhatsApp. Reaching office with a dose of Black coffee the day starts and end with same zeal and energy I get up in morning. Back home, I spend 1 hour 30 min of solid gyming. Post that its family time. Not much of TV except for weekends. Friday is my hangout day with friends, Saturdayouting with family and Sunday again gathering pace for the coming week. Every 3 months I take a break with my family, charge myself and again back to work.

What’s the hardest part of your job? What do you do to keep calm?

I am bit hyper and I feel that it is good for my profession. As of anything I do, I feel that my heart, mind and gut should be in sync which is very important. Most people have their heart and mind in sync but drop out due to lack of gut. My hyper nature adds to it. I get excited with new and challenging ideas and I go on working on it to make it right. I am working on myself seriously to keep calm, hopefully in couple of years I will master something good. However, I don’t regret much with my hyper nature.

Which other personality in the industry do you admire and why?

I admire Mr Irfan Razzack. It’s difficult to find a visionary like him and most importantly a great human being like him.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

I don’t want to mention figures and numbers or various turnarounds that I achieved in the last few years, but my greatest achievement till date has been my self development as a strong marketer in Real Estate. I consider my understanding about the changing dynamics and my adaptability to cope with any situation and drive as a positive asset for me.

What has been your biggest disappointment?

My biggest disappointment is that somehow I feel our industry is not getting its due credit. There is so much of good things happening in Real Estate.

Do you love reading? Which book do you think changed your life?

I love reading and mostly I read management books.

Many people regret not having enough time for the things they like. If you could add six hours every day, what would you do with the extra time?

I would sleep 2 hours more and keep 1 hour for Squash and another 3 hours to play with my son Rishaan. I realised lately that I sleep only for 4 hours.

What do you want to personally and professionally accomplish in the next five years?

Personally I would like to work on my skill sets to graduate to shoulder more responsibilities, become more balanced and less emotional. Professionally I would like to eye for a CEO type role.

What advice can you offer to others who are on a similar career path?

Growth stops when you become content. Wake up every day with an urge to know more, learn more and contribute more to the organisation, to the family and to the society.

Rate your brand on the current status (1-10) and why?

Golden Gate has some strong fundamentals. It has great properties but always maintained a low-key profile. Time for some action now!!

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