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This year, I pledge to become a responsible citizen in an Irresponsible Capital

The year 2016 was like the 9th Grade of years; everyone had to go through it but only a few enjoyed the term. The year took away a lot from us; lives in terror strikes, our freedom to breathe in the first fog of 2016, our right to spend mindlessly and our freedom of expressing views under the fear of being labelled anti-nationalist among other things. Although the memories of these events will continue to affect the nation, I have decided to let bygones be bygones and start afresh. We all have 365 new days, new pages to write the destiny of our nation, and like every almanac, let’s start this diary with a pledge towards a better nation and a better world.

MythBuster Tanya

I, a citizen of the world, pledge to be more responsible than I ever was, and take positive steps with immediate urgency, to promote, protect and develop my city, state and country, and therefore contribute towards a better nation. Following are the steps I will be undertaking to achieve my aforementioned goal.

I pledge to not become a part of malpractices and schemes that seek only personal gain and harm the community at large. I would question authorities if I find discrepancies in any practice adopted by my employer, company, society or community at large.

I pledge to advance myself from being a silent spectator to an action taker when I find that basic civil rights of a gender or community are being abused at an individual or a societal level. I would do my bit to curb injustice and I would start that from my home. I will make sure that I put my education to good use to understand and eliminate discrimination of any kind. I will try to pass on my education to at least one unfortunate individual and contribute a ray of hope in their brighter future.

I pledge to reach out to masses or become a part of at least one program that enlightens lives that have long lost hopes. I believe in strengthening and developing the culture of my community by boosting confidence of people less fortunate than me and help them uplift themselves.

I pledge to not let social influences affect me in promoting stereotypes. I would seek and support realism and appreciate things and people the way they are and not what I or the society perceives them to be. I believe in the strength of a character and know that it is not defined by the language one speaks, the place, caste, religion or gender one belongs to, or the measure of their materialistic gains, but the choices they make.

I pledge to promote greener ways to live not just as a lifestyle but also as a necessity for a healthier environment. I aim to achieve this by finding environment friendly alternatives for day to day activities. I will try to leave my car in parking and ride a bicycle to my office. When shopping for groceries, I will replace regular plastic bags with cloth bags and encourage members of my family for the same. I won’t dump garbage carelessly, and will put litter in their designated bins.

I also pledge to not set unrealistic expectations from me and cave into a shell if and when they don’t come to pass. I believe that if I try hard enough, I will achieve most of what I have pledged to, and not to be disappointed if it does not. Rather, I would want to continue working towards the betterment of our society by making efforts and improving on an individual basis.

This New Year, I pledge to be not just an individual who shifts blames and hurl comments at the muck our society has collected through years of neglect, corruption and malpractices, but get down to the roots and uproot the plague of irresponsibility by setting an example.

This year, I pledge to become a responsible citizen.

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