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Irresponsible Capital – An Open letter from a Delhite to the authorities about his sufferings

Watching the news yesterday brought my confused rage to the tip of my nerves wherein I felt like leaving my hard-earned decent paying job and join a guerrilla rebel camp in some remote naxal red corridor district in the Eastern front of India wherein they wake up in the morning and turn their whole energy in the direction of opposing Govt. action and boycotting the administration.
MythsBuster Aojaswi

Such acute and intense response emanated in me by watching the response of our democratically elected leaders coming out of an emergency response meeting called by the Union Environment minister for the subject of discussing the situation of gas-chambered Delhi. Such disillusionment and disenchantment arrived because of the responses that these leaders gave after the meeting which were full of petty politics and menial recurring blame game that they play often. Despite discussing the causative factors and possible solutions of Delhi’s smoggy plight, these ‘high respected’ civil Govt. officials were playing the blame card with few even caught quoting percentages of figures for how much they are responsible for this situation, and weighed on their actions in mending this problem only in that proportion. Few were heard searching for a relation between the pollution problem and the upcoming Punjab State assembly election 2017. Few were quoted saying that they were unable to perform due to central Govt. and the National Green Tribunal’s interference in their environment ministry’s functioning.

Whether the authorities can digest it or not, whether I be forced accept a slapped charge of sedition on me or whether people label me as an anarchist crusader, I find no shame in comprehending and concluding the fact that our authorities, all executive, judiciary and the legislature have miserably failed to address the issue seriously and in a positive concerted manner. The only thing they have been good at is making unreasonable promises, throwing flashy blaming and off-lately misleading public with flawed statistics to justify their inaction on a particular front.

There shall be no denial of the fact that the authorities failed to effectively implement the deregistration process of 15 year old diesel vehicles of the city as adjudicated by the green tribunal. They shall accept the fact that they have failed to vacuum clean the roadsides to reduce the suspended particulate matter in the ambient air. Authorities shall accept that they failed deplorably in addressing the issue of burning of large heaps of landfills and dumpsites in and around the city. They have to accept their defeat in making the availability of a clean and sustainable public transport system in the city. They shall accept their failure in addressing the construction pollution in the city by enforcing global best practices in the construction sector of the city. And more importantly they have concomitantly failed to acknowledge their role in creating this mess altogether by their perpetual inaction during this annual peaking month of pollution in Delhi.

Being a young Delhite which derives its values and morals from the multiculturalism of this vibrant city, It saddens me to sound this pessimistic and negatively low on energy and hope. But seeing and experiencing this plight in first hand and inhaling this warm, salty and sooty air daily and watching little children wearing masks and coughing simultaneously saddens me to the very core of my intellect. I beseech to the authorities that please keep aside this blame game and  politicization of this environmental issue for a while and get to a concerted action in a co-operating framework altogether. This is because the air we breathe in does not know any party symbols or neither is it selective in only affecting the opposition party’s children, we all suffer equally and thus should fight equally by accepted a concurrent and equal responsibility away from blaming each other and getting divided on party lines. Let’s co-operate and fight this together and we promise that all people of this jolly and vibrant city will identically support you in all the ventures and investments you pursue in addressing the menace that looms over this city since the start of this autumn.

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