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Effects of pollution to the beauty in nature


‘Humans adapt quickly and move on.’ A very apt statement to lift our morale upbeat but maybe was true a century ago. Does the same statement hold any water today?

14956644_1151303371623514_1209693396983598175_nRM Correspondent

Specially looking at the quality of air we have been breathing in and around Delhi during past few days. Will our adaptive nature keep pace with the pace of deterioration happening. Moreover we are not the only organism on this planet who need fresh oxygen. The change of seasons used to offer a grand visual treat only a few years back, when Delhi’s gardens and tree-lined roads used to have a visible change in its colour palette. In autumn a Burnt Umber, Vandyke Brown, Terracotta Red, Rust, Ochre or Pale Green used to have its own beauty or the brilliance of spring or the resonance of monsoon greens. It’s sad, today this wide spectrum of colour is reduced to largely monochromatic shades of grays and blacks. Will all this treasure be lost forever.

14724370_1137627592991092_8582991062370733615_nHere’s what Mr.Pradeep Aeri, Photographer, shared “My upcoming photographic exhibition ‘Nature in Conversation’ celebrates this very resilience of nature, from its germination to its natural decay. Some of it has been captured in Delhi’s gardens and green buffers. I have observed and recorded some of this silent agony of the greens in few images besides the natures beauty. I only hope that the nature bounces back faster than the abuse knowingly or unknowingly caused to it by us. So that the beauty and poetry in nature remains to be shared and enjoyed.

I am quite positive about the nature’s struggle for its existence because it follows the fair principal of co-existence.

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