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Market Dynamics is important in Real Estate Consultancy: Mona Jalota

Mona JalotaReal estate, a sector once considered ‘not fit’ for women professionals, has indeed become a playground for some dynamic, energetic and flamboyant female personnel who carry ambition in their lives. One such personality is Ms. Mona Jalota, Director – International & NRI – Residential Services at Colliers International. A highly experienced Sales and Business Development professional with an expertise in Local and International residential Real estate, Mona has worked with many giants like Coldwell Banker India, Knight Frank, EMGEE Corp etc in her 9 years of extensive professional career. Over the years, she has acquired strong leadership qualities, solid industry connections and excellent administration and management skills. Team RealtyMyths got an opportunity to interact with her, know her and understand her perspectives. Below are the excerpts.

Every new assignment brings fresh excitement as well as a bunch of challenges. How do you find yourself at Colliers International? How do you plan to move ahead?

Colliers International is definitely one of the top three in the industry today. It was the first IPC to enter India and since then has consolidated its business, added new vertical lines and has retained a great work culture. My new role at Colliers International is to head the International Properties & NRI Sales within the residential service line. There are not many real estate professionals in India who have dedicatedly worked on super luxury properties and International real estate. The niche aspect of my verticals means a slow and steady growth. Hence there has to be a sustainable marketing and PR activity amongst other initiatives that need to be kept going on throughout the year. Most IPCs are in a hurry for results, which are slow in niche initiatives like this.

The knowledge and experience of my last 9 years dedicated focus on these verticals bring a ready platform for the company to launch their initiative in this field. I make sure that my social media activity is focussed on creating enough interest in the company’s initiatives in this field of work.

What’s the hardest part of your job? What do you do to keep calm?

The hardest part of the job is to get through the operational challenges. Liaising with the various international offices and accepting the dependency on them for growing the local business prospects. Keeping calm is a constant endeavour and I always focus on people’s intentions rather than their competencies.

Had there been any disappointing moments so far? What kept you motivated?

Well, a big roadblock was the changed government stance on the foreign remittances and especially the strict condition which they put on the acquisition of an immovable asset overseas. That really put a brake in the business and it took two years for the policies to change and as a result, I had to restart my journey.

I have always wanted to gain the respect and trust of all my investors and to be considered as an expert in my field by my peers. This has kept me motivated even during tough times.

Which other personality/s in the industry do you admire and why?

I admire Mr. R. Karthik and hope to work with him someday. I have always admired his strategy skills and his sharp marketing acumen which took his previous organization to a different level. I also admire Mr. Anshul Jain as he is one of the nicest human beings I have interacted with and who always has a knowledgeable insight to share.

Describe your typical day – what does your work-life balance look like?

A typical day would be, waking up at 7 am, kissing both the children goodbye, then settling down with the papers and tea, leaving for work with a clear agenda for the day and taking the regular evening walk post work. Weekends are spent with family and friends, catching up with movies, social life, reading and television.

As you follow Anshul Jain and R Karthik, there are many who follow you. What advice can you offer to them who are on a similar career path?

Be prepared to embrace new cultures, learn about working, marketing and selling styles of various countries and always read and research the market dynamics of the geography that you intend to sell.

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