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Man builds his dream house in a 700-Year-Old Cave

Man builds his dream house in a 700-Year-Old Cave

This young business man had dreamt of living a life in the woods steeped in the beauty of nature. 38-year-old Anglo Mastropietro’s love for nature has now inspired many. In the U.K.’s Wyre Forest, Anglo has made his dream a reality. Anglo spent 10,000 hours and $230,000 for this amazing transformation. The cave home is built in 250 million-year-old sandstone cliffs that are said to have inspired J.R.R. Tolkien to write Lord Of The Rings.


Little Things

Anglo’s cave comprises of all the basic amenities of a regular life. After years of hard work, drilling ideas and spending tons of money, this cave house sets a new benchmark. Driven by passion and love for nature makes this house exquisite and exotic.

Sadly, Anglo was diagnosed with MS, yet his dreams pushed him towards reality. A well-ventilated architecture with excavated designs and art form. The arrangement of water, electricity, wifi, and other modern utilities has also been taken care of in this modern cave.

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