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Lok Sabha Election 2019: Amethi’s Alsi Mudda with RealtyMyths

LokSabhaEelctions2019 - RealtyMyths

India is celebrating the festival of democracy. Being the largest democracy in the world, it, therefore, becomes our responsibility to behave and create a case study for the entire world to get inspired from. Yes, it is the time to cast the votes and exercise our democratic rights. But, do we know on what basis we should choose our candidate? Is religion the main issue or the caste or any other random topic? Or the real issue of on-ground development! We must know the Alsi Mudda basis which we should choose our candidates and send them to the parliament. At RealtyMyths, we take this initiative to highlight some of the basic issues or the Asli Mudda of some of the high profile constituencies like Amethi, Varanasi, Begusarai, Nagpur etc. We hope you will like this series and will identify the real issues and will cast your vote accordingly.


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