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Why Kolkata got awarded for tackling climate change?


According to Mask Muslin’s book, Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction ‘Depending on our activities, the global mean surface temperature could rise between 2.8 degree C and 5.4 degree C, global sea level could rise up to 98cms, weather patterns could change with extreme climatic events taking place.’
MythsBuster Anushree

The clichés of modern society determine the future of this planet; climate change is obviously not natural but an outcome of reckless and irresponsible living style. It is not illogical to think about dystopian catastrophes. This not necessarily means the consequences will end the world but is a way towards misery for billions like us. What we need is a 360 degree approach rooted in the individual level, and a long term vision for creating safer and cleaner spaces for us.

Developing and developed countries meet on global platforms to find solutions for sustainable developments but the negotiation most often ends up in increasing levels of CHG emissions only. The UN’s Conference of the Parties (or “COP”) meets every year to tackle the issues related to climate change. The 21st COP, Paris held in 2015 aimed to legally bind the countries in an agreement where they are liable to keep the global warming below 2 degrees C. The C40 Mayors Summit, 2016 held in Mexico aimed to highlight the advancement made by the various cities that are constantly striving to make a difference by working at the local level and collaborating at the global level, it was also a follow up of the 21st COP.

 “The C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City will bring together the largest group of local leaders fighting climate change since COP21. C40 cities around the world are leading the way in reducing carbon emissions and protecting people from potential risks. Their work is setting a strong example for others – and the Summit is a great chance for cities to share their progress, learn from one another, and help the world reach the goals that were set in Paris”


  • C40 President of the Board and U.N. Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, Michael R. Bloomberg

Kolkata became the proud Indian city to receive the award for its innovative programme regarding solid waste management. The project is known as KSWMIP (Kolkata’s Solid Waste Management Improvement Project). 60-80 percent of the waste is segregated at the dumping site, the process continues while the garbage is being transferred. The project aims to lower the rate of solid waste at various sites and eradicate the process of burning waste. This way, keeping a check on harmful gas emission becomes easy. The project also focused on mini waste management, like door to door collection of waste and recycling it. The Department of Municipal Affairs had set up awareness and motivation camps. Rag pickers were actively made part of it that helped significantly in the success of the project.

The other major cities that won awards at C40 Summit were – Portland, Paris, Melbourne & Sydney, Yokohama, Shenzhen, Copenhagen, Addis Ababa, Curitiba and Seoul.

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