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It’s time to redefine the skylines of Noida – Nikhil Gupta, Ajnara

It's time to redefine the skylines of Noida
Nikhil Gupta, AjnaraA budding entrepreneur and the next generation at Ajnara’s vast pool of experience in Indian real estate, Nikhil Gupta stands out as one of the very few people who came into this sector with so much expected out of him and no doubt he has taken it all in his strides during his start at Ajnara India Ltd. A standout in the field of academics and sports in his school and college days, he is sure to excel in the world of real estate as well. His current assignment, the Ajnara Sports City located in Greater Noida West is spread across a whooping 100 acres and is home to many distinguishing features which make it an instant hit. It is still in it’s pre-launch phase but has received much appreciation till date because of all the thoughts that have been put into it. Although the real estate world has been very kind to newcomers but will it also take a second generation with open arms? The real estate world very eagerly awaits the project in anticipation of another stalwart in the making.

Please share your outlook on the NOIDA realty market ?

We have seen Noida from very early days of its inception. The market has seen lot many ups and downs but off late it has stabilized and are presenting us with varied opportunities which will sure help in redefining the skylines of this region. We believe by the end of this year we will gradually observe chages in the market.

Please share brief about your ongoing projects? How many projects are you planning to launch in the current fiscal? What is your current land bank?

Currently I am working on the Ajnara Sports City project in Greater Noida West. It is located in 100 acres of authority sports complex and is being built with the latest technology and design making it a healthy and green living project.

What challenges you expect in the given market conditions?

Challenges are omnipresent in the market and some challenges persist irrespective of the regions. Issues like single window clearance would go great ways in solving delays which creep in because of the multiple approvals required to carry out a project.

Where you want to go from here in years to come? What vision guides your company?

Definitely want to see India on the world infrastructure map. This sector has got something very unique and that comes from the freedom to start from scratches. Every project you develop is a nonexistent until the concept is developed and put forth.

How do you see the government initiatives would help you achieve your vision?

The government is taking great leaps towards helping in ease of doing business. They have been pushing vigorously for the land bill, real estate bill and GST which once passed and implemented will go a great way in organizing the sector.

Do you believe in mentorship? How has mentorship made a difference in your professional and personal life? 

Yes, I do believe in mentorship. The biggest learning I have had from mentorship is to Never Say Never and it has opened my eyes towards lot many broader aspects of the sector which were falling short of the vision earlier.

Many people regret not having enough time for the things they like. If you could add six hours onto every day, what would you do with the extra time?

Definitely spend more time with my Mom and an extra movie before sleep.

What are some of your top go-to spots that you would recommend to a friend/family member visiting?

London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Ibiza and definitely Goa.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

When I won my nationals in athletics (4X400 M Relay)

What advice can you offer to the new age developers?

Be you and be true, don’t let this demanding sector change you as a person.

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