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Is it a marketing gimmick or a promise by BDI Group?

Marketing jargons play a huge role in the buying behaviour of the potential consumers. Festivals and marketing gimmick are infused to the audience to give euphoria. Schemes, policies, and offers are bombarded to the potential home buyers to trigger sales. Hence, it is important to analyse the builder before getting driven. The devil lies in details!
BDISouma Mukherjee

Some new spice to taste for the home-buyers of NCR as in this festive season, BDI Group; announced some unique offer. Hassle-free home with 10-years’ warranty! A first in the NCR, this offer covers the construction related attributes of the houses for 10 years. Before this Kemia Homes, a Chennai-based company from the Kemia Group was the first to offer 10 year warranty homes in Kolkata. The lucrative offer is not only limited for end users rather it attracts even investors as the warranty is transferable even to the second buyers, the only limitation is that of the duration.

“Festivity is zeal in our country. Buyers, as well as investors, prefer to buy/invest during this season. We have brought about a lucrative offer for our customers, a first of its kind in Delhi-NCR, the offer pertains to warranty cover for the homes. The warranty cover will be applicable to the construction related attributes of the houses for 10 years. This offer virtually surpasses all the existing offers, with this, the customers can lead a stress-free life without worrying about the need to get the repairing etc done. Unlike most offers this offer shall extend even to the subsequent customer, if bought within the stipulated time. This offer will be applicable on select projects.” Sumit Berry, Managing Director, BDI Group.

The project covered under the scheme BDI Ambaram is located on the Alwar bypass road. Alwar is one of the two cities of Rajasthan that comes under the National Capital Region, the other one being Bharatpur. The scenario has been changing ever since the Real Estate Regulatory Act was amended this year, prior to that the builders had liability varying between 2-5 years. But the amendment has made it compulsory for 5 years post handing over of the property. Also, the formation of RERA is on the cards now. It is this change in a legal scenario that is pushing realtors to come up with proposals like these to grab the attention of buyers and investors.

Other than the change in a legal scenario, it is the change in nature of customers that has made the developers to take steps like these. Today a buyer is much more than informed; he does not need to scout a project physically. There are tens of websites that do the research for him and provide him a proper analysis of the pros and cons of buying a project.

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