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Investors Clinic organizes Biggest Real Estate Webinar

Investors Clinic organizes Biggest Real Estate Webinar RealtyMyths

New Delhi, April 11, 2020: Investors Clinic, India’s one of the leading real estate consultancy firms are organizing the biggest real estate webinar. The webinar will answer the questions of “What, Where and Why” of real estate investment. It will provide an opportunity for people to learn about how to invest in real estate during the quarantine period. While India is going through a slowdown due to COVID 19, it can be one of the greatest opportunities for investors to invest in real estate and for developers to earn.

The real estate webinar is based on the concept of staying home and understanding about policies that will make investments lucrative during this period.

Honeyy Katiyal, Founder, Investors Clinic said, “The webinar will guide on ways of earning from real estate while sitting at home. It will also highlight why investing in real estate is a safer choice now compared to other options. Real estate investment is always beneficial and investment during the lockdown period will be more beneficial for consumers in the longer run.”

The webinar is happening on April 11, 2020 at 3pm. For joining the live webinar, please contact – 8588811465 & and the link will be shared with you. Get upto 40% assured returns. Join in the webinar to earn real income from real estate in real time.

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