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India sees a robust demand in the Wood Flooring Space

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Changing lifestyle across different parts of the world increased spending on home enhancement and renovation, growing consumer demand for eco-friendly and ageless materials. The wide range of benefits offered by natural materials is driving the wooden flooring market in India.

Wooden flooring is considered as a status symbol and has been witnessing significant adoption rate over the past years.

India is emerging as a key global market for wooden flooring products. Increasing emphasis on quality and adherence to strict environmental guidelines, while at the same time sticking to the budget, are factors that are driving the trends in the wooden flooring industry. Also, the changing lifestyles, the rising urban population in India have led to considerable growth in demand for such floor solutions.

Increasing concerns over the environmental impact have significantly impacted the India wood market, resulting in the development of eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

Growing demand for residential projects consisting of specifically western-style houses with a wooden frame, constructions have favourably impacted growth. Rising investments in commercial real estate and an increased preference to the wooden floor covering have fuelled growth in demand.

International travel, exposure to different lifestyles, cultures & habits are also fuelling demand for wood flooring as people are becoming aware of the advantages & the utility of wooden flooring.

The market

The Wooden flooring market in India is characterized by high demand from metropolitan cities which include Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune.

North Indian states are expected to dominate the demand for premium flooring products.

Regions from the East, such as the city of Kolkata, companies find an attractive market in the eastern region too.

Mr.NipunPurohit, Business Head – India for one of the leading players in the wooden flooring industry worldwide ‘’HKS 1835’’ says, ‘’Imports in India are worth approximately US$ 40 mn a year. An additional 30-33 percent is charged for custom duty and other import formalities after the products reach the warehouse. In India, besides Mumbai which is our biggest market, Delhi, Pune, Lucknow and Ahmedabad are also potential markets. We launch 10 new styles in January every year and focus the rest of the year on customization. HKS 1835 distributes engineered wood, solid wood & decking to 30 countries worldwide.’’

Product Insights

There are primarily TWO basic types of natural wood – Engineered & Solid. Engineered wood, as the name suggests is ‘engineered’. Where the base is made of birch plywood and has a top layer of natural solid wood. Solid wood is ‘NATURAL SOLID WOOD’. Solid wood constitutes a single piece of lumber material and can either be unfinished, lacquered or oiled made out of red oak, white oak or maple.

Engineered hardwood floor covering is expected to dominate the market. Engineered hardwood is the real wood floor covering and has a low vulnerability to expansion and shrinks with changes in temperatures and humidity.

Now, even the younger generation opts for natural or engineered wood, at least for some part of the house. Recently, ‘Vaastu’ studies also recommend wood as a material that helps in temperament control when used inside the house. Decking and claddings provide sophisticated and enhanced features of reliability, dimensional accuracy, and abrasion resistance.

Advancements in designing as well as printing technology gives a realistic look to the floors. Additionally, the wear layer of the laminated floor covering protects it from smudges and stains and also resists fading from UV light exposure.

Advantages of Wooden Flooring

  • Wood by nature has certain inherent qualities of its own, because of which it can be used in different climatic conditions.
  • While in summer woods provides a cooling effect, in winters it can be used with under heaters which provide comfort for the chill, in homes with kids it acts as a safety buffer against falls & crawls.
  • Wood is ageless and can last a lifetime.
  • Wood, besides its usage for floorings, it can also be used for Wall Cladding, Ceiling&Exteriors.
  • Wooden flooring ‘decking’ for outdoor use are also in vogue, be it a balcony, terrace, poolside or a clubhouse.

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